GSoC idea: Add full Fields integration to biblio 7.x-2.x and also more standards support like ONIX and prism

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The author of the biblio module is working on the 7.x-2.x.

In Drupal 6, biblio is a popular module for academics, libraries and publishers But it has its own data structure rather than reusing cck fields. So some related modules were made for extra functions like apachesolr_biblio.
In Drupal 7, fields are built in the core, and we all agree that "Biblio in Fields" is the best solution.

I also would like to add more standards support in the new release like:



I work for some projects using biblio intensively and would like to be the mentor for students who would like to join force with the community.


I have used the biblio module

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I have used the biblio module a couple of times and the ability to support cck fields and the addition of more standards supports will definitely make life easier. I will study more the code to try to apply for this project or help in some way.

It sounds like a good project

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It sounds like a good project - upgrading the module to take advantage of the new D7 Fields API and to support new standards. I guess you'd need input from the biblio module maintainer.