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I think there's a big opportunity to make more of our profile pages so that they are actually useful - both for humans and perhaps some automated match-making in the issue queue). Thoughts?

Some initial ideas I've captured include:

  • making (domain) expertise visible (what can we measure and show beyond commit records)
  • contextual information about what skills/experience a user likely has


Just posted to usability

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Just posted to usability group: http://groups.drupal.org/node/136334

Thanks @yoroy I'm very

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Thanks @yoroy I'm very interested in Leisa's opinion.


I think automated

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I think automated match-making is a great idea. Alerting a user to various groups and projects they might be able to help with, based on their background.

Agreed - I don't think

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Agreed - I don't think matchmaking should be the Only means of finding a group, project, or module in need of help - but it'd be a great way to prompt as a call to action where otherwise the options would be overwhelming.

What do we think about

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What do we think about demonstrating some real number-crunching on the profile pages, so that some of the disparate info scattered around d.o, g.d.o, and IRC are made more consumable?

We keep IRC logs, why not rank our levels of IRC activity? This could be a measure of the number of times we've spoken, but also the number of times we are addressed, which is also valuable. Raw numbers aren't important, but it would be neat to see where we rank in the pack in terms of community engagement in IRC.

Also, it might be nice to see a ranking of the issue queues in which we post the most, accompanied by an indicated of how much we discuss relative to other top poster. Ex: My top issue queues might be:

____Module____ACTIVITY RANK_
1. Feeds____I*******________I
2. VBO______I***********____I
3. Features_I********_______I

This type of info would be incredibly relevant for employers, peers, and anyone else to gauge where another's strengths might be. You might not want to hire someone to set up a complicated Views-based government site if they've only ever posted twice to the Views issue queue.

It's almost the kind of data you'd water to be able to see over time ("in the past 6 months, so-and-so has become really active within the Deploy issue queue"), so perhaps this would be a fit for Google Motion Graph that's part of their Visualization API

Just seems like there's so much data sitting on drupal.org -- commits, patches, uploaded images -- and right now we're not bringing it to the surface, even though real insight could come of it :)

Linking up with support q&a

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I imagine that the user profile might include two added features:

Initial dashboard setup per user type (maybe: visitor, user/manager, builder, themer, developer). Or visitors wouldn't have a dashboard, simply a page with links to case studies, white papers, developer marketplace, etc. and others would have initial setup specific to user type they select.

Reputation metric, based on support given (a la stackoverflow or whatever is selected for support) + modules maintained + other metrics to get to an overall rating of contribution to the Drupal project.

Best, Marilyn