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YES, we are planning a Drupal Camp for 2011 - target month September.

The following Google Doc outlines our first pass at tasks for the camp: http://himer.us/dcnh2011-planning-doc

I'm leaving this on Google Docs for now (Until the site is live, and it can live there) since GDO has horrible formatting for nested UL/OL's.



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These are just some of the notes I jotted down during the DrupalCampNH 2011 discussion at the NH Meetup Summit on Saturday at the Barley House in Concord. Please add anything that I may have missed.
~ Kevin


  • When
  • Where
  • Structure
  • Volunteer
  • Website
  • Sponsorship

** If anyone else wants to contribute a logo to DrupalCamp NH then go ahead!


  • scheduled/vs.unconference model - Seth suggested using both (scheduled track + some open rooms)
  • Looking for a large number (150 +)
  • 1 Day Event

Where: Manchester

Potential Venues:

  • Manchester School of Tech
  • Manchester Comm. College
  • UNH Manchester
  • St. Anselms

When: September


  • Jake has a prototype in the works
  • COD (Conference Organizing Distribution) - Drupal Installation Profile for conference sites (http://drupal.org/project/cod)


  • Dries?
  • Jeff Robbins?
  • Other... ?


  • keynote room: 200 ppl (more if we have a big name keynote)
  • 2- 3 smaller rooms (30 - 40 ppl)

Chairs for Groups:

  • Venue: Penny nominated as chair
  • Other groups: Have a separate meeting for people who want to be a Chair (to be scheduled)

Other Ideas:

  • Free lunch
  • swag
  • t-shirts
  • stickers (UNH stickers?)
  • beer! (pre-bought tickets)
  • Pre-party
  • Post-party
  • books/giveaways

Beginner's track

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A full conference-long, guided Beginner's Track is essential, the rest can be a scrambled mix of different topics and BOF space, but if there isn't a solid Beginner's Track we'll loose a lot of potential interest.

Definitely worth working towards...

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Since last year our first camp was exactly this, and only this.. the complete Drupal noob track from installing Drupal locally to concepts, cck, views, etc. I DO think this is still important... and potentially more important to use the "last" room (small audience) for this purpose only, and have a similar setup as last year. Maybe less structured, where last year it was meant for everyone to follow along ALL day long, and this year, maybe it could be so that someone could jump in and out of those beginner track sessions and get just what they need while catching others that may be of interest.

A few good session ideas were

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A few good session ideas were floated around at the Seacoast NH Drupal Group meetup tonight (see minutes here: http://groups.drupal.org/node/147894). Please give us a shout if you're interested in doing one of these since we probably can't do 'em all!
~ K

We will start...

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We will (tonight at Manchester meetup) continue this discussion, then I'll start editing/updating the primary wiki node here with an outline (based off of Kevin's already fabulous notes!!)

Are there any updates???

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Are there any updates??? Possible location etc?

Mary M.

Nothing major...

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No major updates as of yet... I actually DID start working on porting the features/structure from COD to Drupal 7 last night, and pretty much have a couple of the content types setup.

I hope to get all those complete today, and start working at porting some of the views over. Hopefully the "basic" setup of the functionality won't take me more than a few days.

I do have some new comps to post soon (slightly modified menu area and an internal page)

Also, the list of bullets we went over at the last Manchester meetup need to be posted soon. I just wrapped up on a large project, and have some time ahead to crank on the site & theme as well as starting to get the basic stuff (venue & date hopefully soon) further down the road.

Will definitely have information "soon" on those "chair positions" and getting everyone on board to help make it all go smoothly.

Planning Document Posted

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I've posted (on the group homepage/mission) and at the top of this thread the following link: http://himer.us/dcnh2011-planning-doc

This is a google doc that we discussed at the last Manchester Meetup, and outlines the basics of getting this camp organized. It is definitely "rough", and will be polished up as time moves forward.

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