Get Your Drupal On - Denver Drupal User Group - October 4th

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2006-10-05 07:00 - 09:00 Etc/GMT-6

Hi Everybody,

It's that time again - time for a Denver Drupal User Group meeting. In addition to the usual "talk about whatever you want" format, Adam Mordecai will be telling war stories and bragging about the new stuff that Advomatic is working on.

Subject: Drupal, Q&A, Advomatic Exciting Stuff, Chatting

Location: Paris On the Platte (gmap)

Audience:Anyone who is interested in Drupal or has used it before. The Q&A and chats are what you make of them. Likely topics include "AJAX" and CCK and Views and your response to the Drupal Administration Survey.

Time: 7:00 PM for the regular meeting, I'll be there starting at about 6:00 or so to hold down a table, chat, hack, etc.

If this time/place doesn't work for you, please vote in the poll and leave a comment so we can figure out where to hold the next meeting. Also, recommendations for venues will be highly appreciated. Paris On The Platte seemed to work pretty well last times.

This is a "signup" enabled node - so you can "signup" on it and then 1) we'll know who's coming and 2) you'll get a reminder a day before the event. Sweetness!

Hope to see you there,



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Howdy Everyone,

We had a great meeting tonight - lots of fun topics.

Chad showed off the Asterisk module including a "call me" demonstration and a "call me and record what I say and attach it to a node as a wave file" demonstration. Both were fun and showed the tip of the iceberg for Asterisk functionality.

Adam Mordecai showed off some of Advomatic's latest projects (that are mostly still in Beta, so I'm purposely not linking them - he can do that if he wants).

And - we had leftover money from the check so I just sent it to dww's fund to make the Drupal project module better.

Three cheers for the Denver Drupal User Group!


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