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Modules with the stated goal of creating digg/reddit-like clones in Drupal:

Module User Base 5.x? 6.x? Notes Module Updated Info as of
Drigg 355 Yes Yes(dev) Changing Maintainer; Voting is controlled by Extra Voting Form + Voting API 2008.11.28 2009.04.19
Drupalit 175 Yes(beta2) Yes(beta2) Lacks integration with VotingAPI 2009.04.13 2009.04.19
Flag 14,234 Yes Yes How to implement Digg-like links 2009.03.14 2009.04.19
Plus 1 1,264 - Yes No Negative Voting #289207 2009.03.18 2009.04.19
Rate 151 - Yes Uses VotingAPI and provides configurable voting buttons 2010.09.27 2010.09.27
UpDown 76 - Yes Currently being merged into Vote Up/Down 2008.10.13 2009.04.19
Vote Up/Down 2,707 Yes Yes(beta4) Uses VotingAPI and plays well with other modules (Views, Content Recommendation Engine, User Points...) 2009.04.06 2009.04.19
Peer Review - - - GSoC work-in-progress. 2009.05.19 2009.05.20


I've played around with

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I've played around with them.

  1. Drigg is fully-featured and strongly supported. It's also a resource hog and kind of an all-or-nothing proposition (i.e. either your site's about Drigg, or its not)

  2. Drupalit is pretty clear clonage and doesn't have anywhere near the support that Drigg has behind it.

  3. vote_up_down is not supported, won't be ported to 6 and is really just a little voting button and instructions on how to use it.

vote_up_down is being

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vote_up_down is being ported. There is a Drupal 6 development release (http://drupal.org/node/316703) and a corresponding statement on the project page (http://drupal.org/project/vote_up_down).

My Drupal Articles

Hopefully all of these will

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Hopefully all of these will be replaced by Flag.

That is at?

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A link to something about it would be nice ;)


I added Flag to the table in

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I added Flag to the table in the original post.

Although, I agree that Voting API handles this task much better.

I'm not sure that replacing

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I'm not sure that replacing these with flag would be so great actually. There is still a lot of value in using votingapi for this, and using flag + votingapi seems like a bit of an overkill, or at least duplicates some functionality.

Consider, you would need two flags, one for vote up, and one for vote down, the result of which would need to be calculated for that particular node/comment/user. Votingapi still holds a bit of an advantage here because of the automatic calculations it does here plus holding the count. Flag would only really hold the $flag->count

Thoughts? Has anyone actually tried replacing this with Flag? I've been doing research to see which way to go is better.

Voting up/down is different from digg-like features

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Drigg is just to create a Digg-like site.
Vote up/down is useful whan you just want users to be able to vote on certain nodes or comments. Just that.
The functionality is pretty different indeed, but I wouldn´t say vote up/down is a just little voting button with docs... ;) It´s useful when you don´t want to convert your whole site in a voting platform in a digg-like manner, but still being able people to just vote, and feel that they are participating in the points that get a certain article (you can use vote up/down with views).
I´ve tried all those modules a long time ago, and I really liked vote up/down (and I´m actually a happy user of that module).


Doesn't FiveStar also

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Doesn't FiveStar also provide vote up/down functionality?

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Aaron Winborn
Drupal Multimedia (my book, available now!)

Embedding 3rd party Video...

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Drigg also apparently attempts its own limited parsing of video provider URLs. Guess I should start a new wiki for emfield/video_filter/drigg/??? modules...

Aaron Winborn
Drupal Multimedia (book, in October!)
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Aaron Winborn
Drupal Multimedia (my book, available now!)

All three seem to have

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All three seem to have recent activity to make a quality 6.x module.

Drigg's maintainer has since abandoned shipped do to some Drupal politics. Ironically, it was about one of his other modules being too similar to current modules.

I think all three of these modules should be merged into one because we are wasting our resources by keeping 3 open.

I updated the original post

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I updated the original post to include a table of relevant information.

It seems clear to me that Vote Up/Down seems to be the best candidate for merging all the modules into one. It has the largest user base, best integration with other modules, and is actively being developed.

What does everyone else think?

Plus 1

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Don't forget Plus 1



Added! Still think Vote

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Added! Still think Vote Up/Down is the best route to go.

I should note, I'm a Drigg user, so this comparison decision is pretty unbiased.

I'm using Vote Up/Down myself

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I think I ran into some problems with Plus 1 (can't recall exactly what it was off the top of my head, but I'll take a look at it again). Plus 1 has nice themability though.



List of nodes user voted on?

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Do any of these modules provide an easy way to list a user's most recent votes?

I know Drigg does.

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I know Drigg does.

any with views or votingapi

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Any of the modules with Views integration or VotingAPI integration (which itself has views integration) provide this feature. So...that's all of these ;)

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I agree, would also be

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I agree, would also be useful to know.

I want users to be able to recommend articles to produce a 'most recommended' listing (plus1 does everything that far), but also to include a 'user recommends' listing on my user page (can't get that so far with views/plus1).

Flag will do that 'user recommends' bit, but is weaker on the rating side because of the lack of voting api integration. Or should I not care about the voting api integration?



Thanks, everyone -- useful

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Thanks, everyone -- useful info.

The "user recommends" functionality is close to what I need too -- although it's actually a "recent activity" combining recommendations and comments.

I think the key is going to be making sure I use a module that stores a date for the vote, and in the worst case scenario I can pull the raw data from the DB.

my 2 cents

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Currently I am building Drigg based site. 1 Drigg module has many cool features, which can be achieved with at least 3-5 other modules. It has almost everything needed for such site, exept... too much custom code, custom (brilliant and not so much) solutions, almost no compatibility with Pathauto and some other common modules. You need to read many lines of code to change even a single feature. Also, currently Drigg is almost unmaintained...

Planning to use Drigg "as is" for my site, then think how to transfer data to something based on maybe on Vote Up/Down or something, which has good support.

Another cool module I use is Affinity, also planing to integrate some "recomendation" type modules.

My choice is for module(-s), which has:
1. +1, +N, -1, -N voting, ability to assign variable amount of points
2. Integrated into Voting API, so Flag does not belong to this list. Also, integration with UserPoints and/or other stable ecosystems.
3. Ability to check submited link, if it is valid, some submission form magic - module must be written to handle submission smoothly (if user spends 2-5times more time than on competing tools - forget that...). Maybe smooth integration into Link-type modules will help
4. External voting button, preferably the one, which doesn't call entire Drupal instance. Drigg evb is a great piece of code, but needs some more work to do.
5. Voting manipulation, autovoting ;)
6. Personalising!
7. External tools, such as widgets...

So, at the moment... there is just Drigg, most of other modules are missing crucial "3", "4" parts (am I wrong? just try to enter some content while u are unregistered..).

p.s. my 2cents

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Is there any module for drupal 7

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i want up/down module like in digg.com in drupal 7

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