ecommerce or ubercart, saan kayo komportable? :)

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12% (3 votes)
88% (22 votes)
Total votes: 25


Please Vote...

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please vote at lagay nyo rin comments and suggestions.


Ubercart, it feels more

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Ubercart, it feels more cohesive, stable, community is more active, and most importantly updates are frequent. It's great out of the box, and Ubercart's hooks generally allow for customizations to its processes. Documentation is a little sparse in some areas, and sometimes the hooks are a little confusing to use, but as its actively developed these things will probably get ironed out in time.

I check out Ecommerce from time to time, waiting for v4 to be stable enough for production use, but I always go back to Ubercart. I haven't touched it in 8-10 months though so there might be a lot of changes that I don't know about.

I haven't tried ubercart yet

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I haven't tried ubercart yet but some of my friends advised me going for eCommerce

Did they give any reason why

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Did they give any reason why they pick eC over UC? I'm curious as I have not tried eC in awhile.

Set-up at Customization

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Mahirap daw i set-up at customize...
but still i want to try ubercart..
one package daw...XD

just installed ubercart

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just installed ubercart yesterday...still getting a feel of it. but looks good so far.
comment ko lang na ang daming modules na required. sana di bumagal drupal install ko from the extra modules loaded.

havent tried ecommerce.

I prefer ubercart, our

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I prefer ubercart, our company used it for live projects already and works like charm. with regards to the included module, you can choose not to install them all.

double standards

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I really prefer e-commerce because of it's edge in modular functionality. But for most transitions concerning client implementation, ubercart is easier to turn-over due to its friendly user interface.

Ubercart is more active and has commercial support.

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I attended Drupalcon D.C. in March and did not hear much at all about E-Commerce.

Ryan from Ubercart has moved jobs to work for Commerce Guys ( They are setting up commercial support for Ubercart. You can download a preconfigured instance of Ubercart on their site.

Anthony Garcia

@acgarcia i read about that

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@acgarcia i read about that for ubercart. is it eventually going to be a commercial product ? or just commercialized support ?

I mostly prefer Ubercart but

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I mostly prefer Ubercart but I am willing to try least to compare.

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this ecommerce do the job well


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Please checkout the commerce module. Its probably takin over Ubercart in the future.

Kunstkersboom kopen

tried it

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parang yoohooo eto na thread...
btw, tested it last summer and implemented it okay...
workin' on something emailing invoice w/c is very dirty

add taxonomy term of product node?

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i try to create a node with product type and i enable the ubercart but i can't add the catalog of this programmatically.can u help me pls?


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