replacing drupal 6 core search with views search

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Hi all

I am trying to replace drupals core search with my own views search. the search in views work but only if you type its exact url would you see the views search. and this is where I am having hard time putting the two together.

I am using the function hook_menu_alter to replace the drupal core search with my views search path. heres the code thats on my custom module file:

function searchy_perm() {

return array(
'access searchy', 'administer searchy');

// function searchy_perm

function searchy_menu_alter(&$callbacks) {
// Example - disable the page at node/add
$callbacks['search/node']['mynameofview'] = FALSE;


Ive been told that my callbacks might be incorrect also on the drupal forums? or if anyone can please give me an example to what I should put in my callback?



simplest way to to take your

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simplest way to to take your view and configure its path to be 'search/node'. Views handles the menu_alter for you. So it will override the existing search paths

thanks for that piece of

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thanks for that piece of info :)
whats strange is that when you type inside the core search and click search it displays the normal drupal results page. when you type it in again in the drupal result page, it goes to the views search but with no results which you then need to type again on the views search to finally get the result of the page.

so in short, it goes through three search results to get to the views search. have I miss out on a specific option on the views page settings?


Ugh. The search block is so

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Ugh. The search block is so horrible. It has a different form id and does "funky stuff". (notice that it is search_block_form).

The important thing to remember when debugging this is that $_POST requests always get redirected to $_GET requests (

I'm guessing that there is some sort of confusion going on because of the form id.

I can see why this is

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I can see why this is happening from the file. how do I go about getting the form for my views search to be replaced by the default drupal search blocks? would this require editing the template.php file also?
theres quite few techniques on doing this and I am bit baffled by it. really sorry about this, as this search stuff is really new to me :(


Why don't you not display

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Why don't you not display the search block and use your views search block.

Meaning, in the views interface create a new block. And put that block in the region you want it in. And then remove the search block :-D

By the way, I'd like to do

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By the way, I'd like to do this to but I don't know how to disable the search block. I mean, I could hack core, but is there another and better way? Thanks for any instruction on this one.

admin/build/block and remove

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admin/build/block and remove the search block from the region....

I must be missing something here cause that is what I meant.

great! got it working and

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great! got it working and looks fab. thanks guys. honestly, I really do appreciate the help and time you taken to help me out :)


search code changes

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Is there any patch which add the searching on the basis of sorting of date,title,relevancy

I think you need to go into

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I think you need to go into the views and try adding either: fields or filters and adding the date, title etc and see if that works. My knowledge in views isnt that great but that should work.
theres also the Sort criteria option as well.

best of luck.


There isn't a nice way to

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There isn't a nice way to expose Sorts. I have gotten away with it in the past by creating several views (in this case three) with the different sorts and then providing links to each one, either in the block or via theming the exposed filter form.

How about using a table??

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Make it an unsorted table and you will have the relevancy as the default, and make it sortable with the date and title fields.
I would usually use that. Are there any cons to this approach??

I'd like to do this too and

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I'd like to do this too and I can't seem to figure it out. I'm currently using "search/node/%" as the page path. Here are my questions in case someone has the free time to answer them:

  1. Are you using any arguments to replace the research results with Views?
  2. You placed a custom module at the very first post. Is that necessary?
  3. Should I include any filter?

I was used to use views fast search before but since I'm using Drupal 6, I need another solution. Any help is really appreciatted.

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Use the exposed filter for

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Use the exposed filter for the search. No custom module necessary.

Views Fast Search just used the same filter but instead of creating temporary tables for the search results, it did it using a sub query. Now, in Drupal 6, the search filter will not create temporary tables, it uses a subquery. Essentially, Views fast search was folded into Drupal 6 Core.

So, use the exposed filter for Search.

This doesn't work for me.

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This doesn't work for me. Using search/node/% as the page path results in an Access Denied message whenever I try to use the exposed search block to search for anything.

Just confined to a table

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Just confined to a table view style.

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Themed search box

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I've got a search box built into my theme & like it alot (based on zen classic)... is it possible to make the themed search box point to Views? Or I suppose what I really need to do is figure out how to get a Views filter to display there instead. No clue how to do that.

Search view shows all contents instead of real search result

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I am using faceted search and it is working fine.
Then i create a search result view and attach it on result page (thesearch/results/%) it will show all content data from my site instead of that search result in a nice table view style.

Here are my questions:
1. i have to use any arguments to replace the research results with Views?
2. Should I include any filter in views?