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I'm hoping to start a discussion on the subject of tabbed panel content because the Panels Tabs module is looking for a new maintainer and has not been ported to D6, and I'm getting requests in the Quick Tabs issue queue about integration with Panels (see for example #353173: Absorb panels tabs module? and panels 2 as tab content). I don't have a huge amount of experience with Panels myself and am not sure what form Panels integration in Quick Tabs should take if it proved to be something worth starting. What Quick Tabs does currently is allow you to create blocks of tabbed content (blocks, views, nodes, and other quicktabs) which are either all loaded on page load or else via ajax on tab click. Panels Tabs, on the other hand, is a style plugin for panels so it comes at the issue from the complete opposite direction.
I'd ideally like to get some feedback from merlinofchaos and Wim Leers to see what they think about the general issue of tabbed panel content and whether Quick Tabs could play a part in achieving this.
EDIT: I meant to add that it would also be good to hear people's use cases for this type of functionality.


I'm working on a site that

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I'm working on a site that uses Panels Tabs module now.
What I needed was pretty basic -- two or three chunks of content (views, in all cases I think) chucked together into the same space of the panel with tabs to switch through them.
I made a minipanel, using a single region layout, put the views to become tabs into it, then put that minipanel into my main panel. Reason being, Panels Tabs module groups all the things it sees in one panel region into tabs.
I didn't need context or relationships or anything like that so it was fairly simple :)


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I've been meaning to update this thread for a while - basically a few of us had a discussion on irc several weeks back and it became clear that one of the most important aspects of tabbed panels content would be ajax-loading, as is done in Quick Tabs with Views, nodes, blocks and sub-quicktabs. However a subsequent chat with Sam Boyer in DC confirmed my suspicion that the api for retrieving pane content via ajax doesn't yet exist. In order to render a pane, the entire display object is required and this isn't something that could be passed via ajax. We'd need something like Context module to achieve this I think (not that I've ever even used context module but it sounds like it might help :-P).

Anyway, if I'm missing something here or if anyone has anything else to add, I'd love to hear it. Otherwise, I guess I'll be leaving this one on the back burner for the time being...


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I would love for this to have worked. Guess I'll be using panels tab style for now. FWIW, it works just fine on D6 if you edit the info. At least with P2. I don't know about P3.


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Just to update/confirm

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Just to update/confirm Michelle's statement,
Panel Tabs has a 6.x release and is does work with Panels 3. I'm having some conflicts right now with panels + context, and I'd really like to maybe find another solution that would work instead. It doesn't have to be AJAX, the Tabs JS onl version is actually better for us because all the content is loaded, it just cuts down on size on the page.

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I am using Panels 3.2 [1],

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I am using Panels 3.2 [1], Tabs 1.2 [2] and Tabs panel style [3].

I configured my Tabs here: admin/settings/tabs.

I created a single-column mini panel and only one region (called "middle column" by default). I added several content blocks -- all of them were Views Blocks displays. On the "Content" tab for the mini panel, clicked on the gear icon for Middle Column and select "Region Style", select "Tabs" and then clicked the Next button. I left this next option as "Disabled" and then clicked on Save. I then saved the Mini Panel and then added it my page panel and it worked as expected.


I am trying your solution without success

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I am trying your solution with Panels 6.x-3.3, Tabs panel style 6.x-1.x-dev (2010-Mar-07) & Tabs (jQuery UI tabs) 6.x-1.x-dev (2010-Apr-02). No matter what I try, I am not seeing the Panels Tab Style in the panels interface. Additionally the theme I am using is a subtheme of Zen - so I'm certain the theme is tab enabled. I have tried using all available stable versions of the modules as well, but I am not getting any results. This is really starting to make me feel like an idiot, because the whole solution you propose is pretty straight forward.
The steps I am following are:

  • install modules - pretty straight forward
  • create mini panel with single pane layout (name of the pane is "Middle Column")
  • add Views Blocks to mini panel pane
    • I have also tried Views pages and panes to no avail in a regular panel
  • click the gear icon for the single pane of the mini panel
  • there is no selection available for "Tabs"

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Tabs panel style - fatal error :-(

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Anyone get a similar message when you try to set up tabs in mini panes? Have followed @capellic's example but just got this message when trying to enable the tabs (Horizontally filling tabs:)

Unable to complete operation. Fatal error in .../modules/panels-6.x-3.7/plugins/display_renderers/panels_renderer_editor.class.php on line 1674: Function name must be a string

Am using latest versions of all modules required.

Yeah, search the issue queue.

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Yeah, search the issue queue. This is fixed in -dev -- update to CTools and Panels -dev and the problem should be resolved.

PHP 5.3

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Problem fixed ... seems to be down to PHP 5.3. Rolled back to earlier version and problem went away!


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Followed the instructions and it worked as expected. Thank you so much.

Thanks capellic

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Worked for me too. Furthermore, i had this requirement of grouping multiple content regions within a single tab. For that created a mini-panel to group related content regions and added that mini panel within the main panel region. That way i was able to show the whole content group (mini panel) as a tab.