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Panels para crear un efecto parallax en el home

Hola a todos!!

Soy nueva (pero solo en el registro de mi perfil porque vivo sumergida aquí resolviendo dudas y problemas)
Tengo varios días tratando de dar con la solución a lo que quiero hacer, les explico:

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Would you use Blocks, Panels, Views or Display Suite for this homepage design?


I'm building a Drupal commerce site and wondering how you'd approach the layout for the body of the following homepage design (see attached). The header is already done. It's the body and footer on which I'd like input. Would you use panels? Simple blocks? Your thoughts, suggestions, caveats, and best practice experiences are appreciated. Many thanks. I'll see some of you tomorrow night at the review class.

left sidebar: accordion menu [SAME ON ALL PAGES]

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¿Es posible crear Vistas relacionadas dentro de vistas?

Saludos drupaleros, estoy un poquito atorado con views y taxonomías, hice una vista con filtros expuestos para que usuarios del sitio puedan hacer búsquedas en un directorio de servicios. Hasta aquí todo bien.

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Developer | Sander-Martijn

Employment type: 

NOTE: I have put together a team and am currently staffed for this. If that changes I will return and edit again.

Drupal developer looking for immediate help on a large project.

I'm working on a large social networking site (actually a series of them) and I have gotten behind, largely because it's a much more significant undertaking than I expected. I'm looking for another freelancer who can jump in right away and help me catch up. Depending on how it goes it could be anywhere from a few days to a few weeks.

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Obehörigt tecken med Panels

Jag har börjat använda modulen Panels men stött på ett problem med ett obehörigt tecken som uppträder framför inlagda bilder. Ser ut som en punkt och syns i den bifogade bilden. Var kommer den ifrån och hur får jag bort den?

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Principal Drupal Developer | Pac-12

Employment type: 
Full time
Not allowed

Join the Pac-12 and help build, our TV Everywhere live video streaming experiences, and mobile products. As a Principal Drupal Developer you will have the opportunity to develop on our cutting-edge Drupal implementation. Our developers are full stack engineers comfortable defining an object model, refining a mysql query, designing the next version of our APIs, or optimizing css selectors. Pac-12’s goal is to be a force in the Drupal community, contributing as much as possible. At the Pac-12, you will have the ability to participate in forging the future of several outstanding open source initiatives.

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Panel selection rules


I got a problem that I've been trying to find a solutions to for quite some time now but so far I've come up empty.

I'm making a site based on Organic Groups. Each group has the same layout and content types and the group layout is a 3 coloumn layout with views for each content type in the 2nd and 3rd coloumn. The 1st coloumn has a group menu, og extra node-links and some other general group content.

The url for each group is:

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Drupal 6, Los paneles no imprimen mas, de un día a otro desaparecieron.

Hola a todos
Tengo un problema con el modulo de panels que me dejo de mostrar el contenido, aunque en la configuración de pagina parece estar todo bien, incluso me aparecen los tabs del panel pero del contenido nada.

Gracias por cualquier orientación de antemano.

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Block Based layout in Omega 4

Just starting out on omega 4 - which i have to say I'm every impressed by - from the outside - love the code based UI modularisation, SMACSS and serious sass/compass commitment. (I passed by on o3 in favour of zurb foundation)

So O4 is looking good, ut it's PANELS centric, and while I'm trying to be open minded here, I keep coming back to preferring BLOCKS - much out of concerns for my clients - as with

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Freelance Developer | Kind Design

Employment type: 
Part time

In the short.....looking for a developer living in the Fort Lauderdale area to aid in Drupal 7 site maintenance and new site developement. Must know the in's and out's of views, pages, panes, panels, etc.. We have no problem with Telecommunicating, but would like to build a local relationship.

10-40 hours per month, but dependent on work load as presented by the universe/life/karma.

Hourly rate dependent on skills.

Need help ASAP! So please send me an email and any additional information or work to:

Kind Regards,
David Bohl
Kind Design Advertising

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