Meeting Format to encourage presentations

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I’d like to see us post meeting notices in a manner similar to the NYC group because I think it is extremely effective.
Most folks have probably visited these posts at one point or another but in case you have not recently try this one from last month.
Basically the agendas start out empty and folks volunteer, make suggestions or specific requests for lightening rounds, longer sessions, and BoF’s. Other folks will comment and group organizers edit the original post accordingly so that by the time the meeting roles around there is usually an agenda put together with volunteer input and consensus.
Blink will be happy to make a presentation in December, either myself or one of our developers.
I think we should also have more prominent links between our Central NJ pages here on gdo and


I, selfishly, would like to

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I, selfishly, would like to see a presentation on drush. Something beyond the basics. Aliases and make files, etc.

Drush and Git and SVN

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Not selfish at all. Aliases, make files, Git and SVN, oh my!


I like this proposed style

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A few years back I would attend the NYC drupal meetup by World Trade and people would volunteer different topics. Then the groups would split off and tackle those topics together, giving the bigger groups the larger spaces. There was something very interactive about being huddled around a laptop discussing and offering ideas. Don't get me wrong ... I like a good demo from time to time. And I could see the value in taking 30 minutes at the start of a meeting for people to show some cool work they were coding up for 5 minutes at a time, and then breaking off into smaller groups that are more interactive.

As an attendee & presenter at

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As an attendee & presenter at the NYC meetups, I can say the format that Robbiethegeek has created works very well for me. It's easy and quick. No muss no fuss. I signup, post a comment saying what I want to talk about and boom I get slotted. It's a good format.

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