Media Module Development Milestones

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1) Dev release
- Integration with Drupal’s core upload functionality- ability to successfully attach media attaching it to the core upload form element.

Open issues that need to be resolved before the first Alpha release:
* Need "Spinner" and "Complete" icons
* How to attach new behavior to an AHAH button?
* File progress form element
* Create Formatter Fieldset in Media Browser Form
* Process existing FID's
* Handle uploaded files
* Successfully attach media

2) Alpha
* Drawer select javascript
* Meta-Data Plan and Structure
* RDF - Media Bridge module
* Add default theme options for resource display in browser
- write simple tests
- stream wrapper resource support
* Handle remote streams
- integration with filefield
- thumbnail formatter
- emfield integration
- media mover integration
- API finalized and documented
- Views integration
- Token integration
- port to Drupal 7
- User Documentation
- Better mockups
- Usability Improvements
* Will media allow wysiwyg?

3) Beta
- QA work
- Video tutorials

4) Full Release


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