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Media sprint @ NYC camp

2015-07-13 09:00 - 2015-07-19 17:00 America/New_York
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The Drupal media sprint is aimed at improving the media management contrib solutions for Drupal 8, and ideally laying the tracks for same to eventually be incorporated into Drupal core (perhaps for Drupal 8.1 or 9). Effort will involve coding and development aimed at implementing the roadmap that we created in 2014 for media in Drupal 8. The team will be sprinting in honor and memory of Aaron Winborn.

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Managed Files Not Appearing in 'My Library' Tab of Media Browser

I wrote a custom drush command that takes files in a directory and copies them to the public:// filesytem of a Drupal installation (OpenScholar, to be specific). While the files are copied over and entries are made in the file_managed DB table, these files aren't appearing in the 'My Library' tab of the media browser. So the question is: what cause files to appear in 'My Library'?

Thank you!

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Comparison of Media entity and File entity approach

Comparison table of two approaches to media in Drupal.

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Is the media project dead?

I've provided a few patches for the various modules that drive the media module and extend it. Yet most of the patches appear to be ignored and the modules as a whole don't appear to have any recent releases.

Is it fair to assume that this initiative has seriously stalled or is just plain dead?

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Merging Scald and Media for Drupal 8

Hi everybody,

I just wanted to point you to this issue in d.o : .
this issue is probably more for in depth technical details, maybe we could have some more 'philosophical' talks here .


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Media browser in node edit not showing pager

I am using the Media 7.x-1.3 module on a Drupal 7.22 site. I also use Media Browser Plus 7.x-1.0-beta3. In some nodes I have a media file field. When I edit such a node and open the media browser using the 'Select media' link in my node edit form, the media overlay opens up. It has three tabs: Upload, Web, and Library.

When I open the Library tab, I see 3 rows of 5 images each. But I do not see a pager, although I know I have more images of the same type in the media library. I can see them when I open the media browser /admin/content/media

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Media in D8 Core?

Are there any plans to include Media as part of D8 core? I'm excited to see how the module is developing and would like to know what efforts exist to see it become part of the standard Drupal install.



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Custom meta data fields?

I would like to see the ability to add additional meta information to any file that gets uploaded. For example, copyright information, author, caption, producer, etc... This info would then be made available to the process that renders the media asset in the WYSIWYG editor (just like Title and Alt) and to the Text Formatter for media tags.

How could this be achieved? What steps would need to be implemented?



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Advanced documentation concerning structural info

Hi. I am trying to write an upgrade script, so that I convert my old image_attach images to media fields. For this, I need to know which code is exactly executed, when a new file gets added as media of a node.

I haven't managed to find any relevant documentation, so I am proceeding with looking directly to the code. In case you know some resource for that, it would be of real help.

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