Overview of file uploaders

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At the first Media online meeting we decided to create an overview of multi file uploaders. Anyone is welcome to edit this list.

Uploader License Technology Browser support Features
Plupload GPL Flash, HTML5, SilverLIght, BrowserPlus, Gears, HTML 4 (multiple technologies /w fallback) most of browsers drag&drop, upload progress, image resizing, file size restriction, stream upload, multipart upload
jQuery File Upload MIT jQuery most of browsers drag&drop, upload progress, image previews
Multi file upload MIT and GPL Javascript most of browsers not really a multiupload, as you have to select one file at a time
SWFupload MIT Flash browsers /w flash plugin upload progress, jQuery plugin
Uploadify MIT SWFupload (flash) browsers /w flash plugin upload progress
FancyUpload MIT Flash browsers /w flash plugin upload progress
Ajax upload GPL Javascript most of browsers (IE7+)
jqUploader MIT & GPL Flash browsers /w flash plugin uploadprogress




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Any idea why plupload is abandoned for Media-2.x?

I've searched for a way to upload more than one image at a time through the filefield method (never used the node image method) and the only one's that were half way decent I was able to find for D6 was jupload and fupload. Howevever, neither of them were really maintained well enough to consider stable modules.

I recently ran across media and decided to look into it, getting excited about the direction that "media" is taking with the whole "file management" for Drupal. On the main project page, it mentions that plupload was supported, getting me even more excited, so I downloaded and tried them all out in a sandbox, only to find out that I can't figure out how to make plupload work. That's when I ran across the wiki, explaining that plupload is abandoned... WHY?!?? WHEN WILL DRUPAL EVER HAVE A HIGHLY MAINTAINED MULTI-FILE UPLOADER?!?? This "one-at-a-time" crap is for the birds...

Anywho, I'm just throwing out my $0.02 that the Drupal community highly needs this type of functionality. I don't think most people really care how the back end works (ie java / jquery / flash / html5) just as long as it works and gives us warm fuzzies that next week there will be fixed patches and a new dev release.

Thoughts anyone?

Media module can use the

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Media module can use the plupload module for bulk uploading files only at /file/add.

If you want to use plupload to upload multiple files to a file field you can try:
www.drupal.org/project/1115362 - for filefields
www.drupal.org/project/multiupload_filefield_widget - for image fields

Hope that helps


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I tried out the suggested modules and for the most part, I like what I see. I can actually use that in an existing setup :) I just hope something like the multiupload project becomes directly integrated with Media. I wish this would have been shipped with D7 core, but I guess the core developers had to pick their battles... Thx for the heads up!

Media Multiselect Module at

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Media Multiselect Module at http://drupal.org/sandbox/fangel/1652676 works great with the Media module. It integrates with plupload.