Return full nodes with all the cck fields ?

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The service 3.x module with the REST Server for drupal 7 works great!

Is there a way to get all node fields (custom cck fields) within the index. http://localhost:8888/drupal-app/EndPoint/node

At the moment I got the following fields: bid,vid,type,title,kid,status,created,changed,comment,promote,sticky,tnid,uri , but I need all the node fields. Any idea how to do this without writing an own resource module for services 3.x ?


While my environment is

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While my environment is different - still in Drupal 6 and Services 2.x - my solution might fit to your needs as well.
What I did was to create a view with "full node" row style, which returns the full nodes "by default".
If you can use Services 3.x views service - this might be a simple solution

@shushu:Thank you for your

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@shushu:Thank you for your speedy reply. I implemented your solution in a project one year ago and it works like a charm. But I like to give the Services 3.x a chance :)

So if anybody know how to get the full node within the index I would appriciate that.