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Using date fields to ajax PUT call

i'm posting it here because i don't know if it is a bug or just me not doing something correct.
so please be gentle ill except any suggestion.

Created an end point for nodes for GET and update

With simple ajax call i am able to get node data according to its node id.
When i put my node back my CCK Date fields seems to be erased....
But i am able to change all other fields ( title, body, etc...)

how do you send your Date Field correct and way is it not in the same format that i get it from the endpoint ?

I'm using drupal 7 and services 3 using json

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The mystery of and how to save more of a complext node with cck fields

Over the last few days I have been trying to figure out how to properly use the services function to save more than just a simple content type such as story which has just a title and a body. This I can do w/o any issues. The issues that im trying to figure out is when you have a content type lets just say only these fields right now

content type photo
* title
* body
* field_my_photo -- cck imagefield

--- fid i already had from

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CCK only saving first character

I am inserting some data into nodes via a Flash application using SWX PHP (It's very like AMFPHP). All works well apart from the CCK fields. I'm having a massive problem trying to insert more than one character (the first character) into any CCK textfield. I believe this is because I haven't got the right formatting in my Flash AS2 code, but feel like I've tried every combination of Objects and Arrays to get it to work... to no avail :(

What should the format be? All the other normal node fields insert fine...

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