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Problem to see services menu

Hi all,

I am a new drupal user and newbie.. I installed the service module in a drupal 6.22 (This drupal is a configured web that is working fine...). My problem starts when I try to configure the module. I can't see the menu option "Services" , also I tried to access to the web http://mysite/myweb/admin/build/services but It doesn't work and I don't receive any error... I am very frustrated because I don't know how I can fix it... I appreciate any help (tips, ideas, things that I have to check....)

Some things:
-> I added permissions to use services module for admin and root

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search.searchNodes() returns only 10 nodes

I'm using Services to push data from various sources as nodes. I need a way how to determine if some article was already inserted, or I should push it again. So I'm doing search.searchNodes(key, username) - search by username which "publishes" the nodes.

My issue is, that if user published more than 10, I'm getting only 10 newest articles.

I'm using Drupal 5.

Do you have any idea on how to solve this?


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How to begin

Hi guys,

I really need help.

I recently installed the Services Module and whilst I understand it is very powerful, I could not figureout how to set up any service.

I am in the final stages of developing an Android application. It has to connect to my Drupal site to upload data which will be saved as nodes or update existing nodes.

So for this process, I need the service module up, running and responding.

I need step-by-step and simple instructions please.

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Services OAuth: anyone have any idea how to configure?

I think the subject says it all. The Services OAuth module has no end user documentation, and looking at the interface pages I'm not sure what to do.
Anyone know of documentation for usage of the Services OAuth interface? All I can find is non-drupal specific OAuth docs for developers authoring an OAuth implementation, but not how to configure such an interface once it is there.

If you know how to use the Services OAuth module's interface, could you please write something up and post where that can be found?

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