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I've been using Services for simple retrieve calls, and now I need to accept more arguments!

I've been using this custom service for ahwile:

'event' => array(
'retrieve' => array(
'help' => 'Retrieves a single event',
'file' => array('file' => 'inc', 'module' => 'drupalconnect', 'name' => 'drupalconnect'),
'callback' => '_event_retrieve',
'access callback' => '_whatson_resource_access',
'access arguments' => array('view'),
'access arguments append' => TRUE,
'args' => array(
'name' => 'event nid',
'type' => 'int',
'description' => 'The event node id',
'source' => array('path' => '0'),

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need clarification on the comment_service module

(referring to this post, which is the conclusion of a thread and patch created by heyrocker)

I traced my problem to an error in the final Drupal 5 patch.
It has a trailing comma after the last array which causes the patch routine to choke and not spit out the module itself. So, after correcting that, and following up with all the other requisites, I can now post comments remotely.



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