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Cannot create node via Drupal 7 Services REST API

Services 7.x-3.7

I'm trying to POST a new node to my Drupal server (http://blah/rest/node), but the server is always returning an error with the string:

Not found: Could not find the controller

I have the node resource enabled for my endpoint. Within the node resource, the update option is enabled, which, according to the comments, is for both updating and creating nodes:

update: Update or create Node entities based on UUID

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interchange data with flex/flash

we are a drupal developer and a flex/flash developer working ad-hoc on a mutual project, where data needs to be sent back and forth between drupal and a flash application.

requirements :



  • the flash application lets the user to visually create a complex pattern, that is stored internally in a flex structure.
  • users may save their creations along with some information (name, email, private/public, etc.)
  • users may retrieve their own creations to a sort-of gallery (a player copy of the above application), select one and keep on editing it.
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