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Please help me with Services

Hello everybody! I am flash-developer and total newbi to Drupal. I have book "Flash with Drupal" by Travis Tidwell and I want to learn to develop flash apps with Drupal as back-end. So I installed Drupal 6.26 then several modules. So I have installed Chaos CTools 6.x-1.9, flashNode (6.x-3.1), Services (6.x-3.1), AMFPHP (6.x-1.0-beta2) and Views (6.x-2.16). I did all like was in the book, and everything was OK, no Error messages etc, but after installing Services, I’ve found in this module no services (in the book there was File service, menu service, node service etc).

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Howto resolve related data in output (not just IDs) for views?

PLEASE HELP: When calling a complex recordset from Flex or in the Service Browser of drupal I always get the foreign key of the related objects - but not the object data itself. In many cases that makes sense (lazy loading etc.). But for simple data exchange it might be easier to simply get a complex generic object with arrays that holds ALL the data, so my Flex client doesn't need to know about the actual data structure. HOW? (see screenshots)

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Services + AMFPHP second node returns false

I have installed services + AMFPHP and views to use drupal content in my Flash website.
Everything works perfectly. The view gets the right nodes and AMFPHP sends the object to flash.

However, my 'news' view returns the two news nodes I created perfectly in Drupal (services -> views.get as well as the live preview on the views page).
In Flash, I only get the first node, and the second node returns only 'false'.
What could be the problem??

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