Are you interested in building up a multilingual Drupal Documentation site?

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Yes - rock on!
33% (3 votes)
Maybe - let me think about it..
22% (2 votes)
No - why?
44% (4 votes)
Total votes: 9


I'd even provide a domain and

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I'd even provide a domain and setup Drupal for that purpose... if that helps!

No! :) but... it's a very

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No! :) but... it's a very good idea.

There's a very good reason for this "No"..... it seems that it's being considered for the mid-long term to make all of multilanguage, in which case this would include the documentation.

So if you're interested in this cause, I'd recommend talking to the Drupal infrastructure team on #drupal-infrastructure on IRC and posting in about helping get this initiative off the ground.

But for me I'd prefer a

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But for me I'd prefer a seperate docs site - such as the groups site. If were on the, it would be too much imho. That's why I'd suggest creating a seperate domain - either or or whatever ;-)

But I'll suggest that in #drupal-infrastructure.

Personally, I find the separate domains strange...

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Why have separate profiles for "groups" and the main Why, indeed, do these even need to be in separate domains? Well, I live with that, but I'd prefer it to be the exception than to have more of what's on split into yet more sub-domains (like It's already kind of confusing, perhaps especially for newcomers, that there are so many domains: groups.d.o, api.d.o, association.d.o and d.o...

If d.o goes multilingual, I'll still help maintain the English language docs and resulting multilingual infrastructure. I don't think the docs need a separate domain.

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