Request to change organizer on the colombia group

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Hello, following the steps on this discussion i would like to request to replace the current organizer "jmpachon" from the group "Colombia" ( to these users : ivan.chaquea and aldibier

This person doesnt have any activity since a few years ago ( and some members of this group have tried to contact him over various channels and they didnt get any response yet. I have created a comunity discussion in

Thank you

Hola, siguiendo los pasos en esta discusión quisiera reemplazar el actual organizador "jmpachon" del grupo "Colombia" ( a los siguientes usuarios : ivan.chaquea ( and aldibier (

Esta persona no ha tenido ningún tipo de actividad desde hace varios años( y algunos miembros de este grupo han tratado de contactarlo por diversos canales sin recibir ningún tipo de respuesta aun. He creado una discusión para la comunidad en

Muchas Gracias


que hace falta

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Que hace falta para aprobar que esto ocurra_ yo doy fé de que ivan chaquea está haciendo un gran esfuerzo para crear la comunidad drupal cali y por lo tanto se merece ocupar este puesto. De aldibier, vino a visitarnos y se ve una persona muy dispuesta y colaborativa, lets collaborate drupalers¡


We are working hard to do

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We are working hard to do many events in Colombia and the G.D.O control is very important to this purposes, we are inviting to all Colombia comunity to do an opinion about this request to change the administrators.


Aldibier Morales Morales
SeeD EM (
Twitter: @aldibier

Organizers changed!

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Thanks everybody for reporting and your feedback.

Being the main organizer of a g.d.o group means to promote it and moderate its content. The other organizers support the main one. But, community leadership is completely different and off-topic here.

@aldibier was around here for a while, so I have assigned him to main organizer role and @ivan.chaquea is now an organizer as well. You can assign more organizers if you wish. Just let us know when you want to change the main organizer again.

Colombia, say hello to your new organizers!

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