Northern NJ Drupal Group - June 13, 7:00PM (Wednesday)

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2012-06-13 19:00 - 21:00 America/New_York
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User group meeting

Please note our new location at NJIT


  • 7:00 pm
    • General Business
  • 7:30 pm
    • Colorbox widgets: Fields and Videos in Colorbox popups.

Our meetup is moving to College of Architecture/Weston Hall at NJIT. When you walk in, the Gallery is located on the right here inside of the building. The entrance to the gallery is on the first floor. When you walk in, you will be coming in on the third floor. the Galleries loft will be on your right hand side then. If we decide to, in the future we can use that space. I reserved the gallery because we can have as many as 100 people in the gallery.

People should park in the parking deck. That is the most convenient parking area to the College of architecture. The deck is located on Summit Street, the same as the College of architecture. When you exit the deck folks can walk down, go through the light, able past this SPECT building on the right & see the ramp that enters the College of architecture.

Parking is available in the parking deck.

Campus Map

Remember to signup with real name field filled in if you want to reserve a parking spot.
If the signup has closed, then please contact the organizers.

Transportation from NYC to Newark Penn Station.

This space at NJIT has been made available to us courtesy of our new host, Terra Meierdierck.


All Drupaled up!

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I'm psyched for our meeting in this new venue. Fenster Hall will be missed but I expect we will have even more interest from NJIT and the community at-large in this new location. I will be bringing a new group member from Stevens Institute of Technology which recently moved their site to Drupal. See everyone there!


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We're looking for presenter(s) for our upcoming meetup.

As a group we're pretty flexible about the subject matter. So if it's even tangentially related to Drupal it's most likely a winner.

Post a proposal here on d.g.o. and Dries will resurrect one of the kittens that he has had to kill as a result of people hacking core.

Let's change the title of my presentation to ...

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Let's change the title of my presentation to:

Colorbox widgets: Fields and Videos in Colorbox popups.

Here's how I'd like to do the presentation:

I've created several widgets using Colorbox and would like to present a how-to on creating the Internet experience of data in a colorbox. The experience is when the user clicks a button and the colorbox launches. In the center of the colorbox a video starts playing or formatted fields are displayed.

There are numerous modules involved in a widget like this. I'd like to spend some time discussing those modules, showing how the modules need to be patched, displaying my glue code, discussing the differences between Drupal 6 and Drupal7, and rolling the functionality into a features module.

This is a how-to presentation and is meant to be friendly for Drupalistas who have some understanding of how the stack of contributed modules work together.

Souds great

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Looking forward to this Eric.



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Was there some talk of a get together after the meet up?


Second Presentation?

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If time permits, and we don't have another volunteer selected I could run through 4 mobile case studies with Drupal in 10-15 minutes. I just did a presentation at an event on Monday, so I'm already prepared if necessary.

I may not be able to stay after for the get together this month though.

Sr. Vice President | NorthPoint Digital || 212-819-1700


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Park in the deck; not lot 7. Weston Hall/School of Architecture is right across the street.

People usually go out after the meet-up at 27 Mix. I would love to go, but it depends on what time it ends. I'm running on half steam today.

"My ambition was to live like music". - Mary Gaitskill

Bowing out this month

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Unfortunately can't make it tonight, and I was really looking forward to Eric's preso. Good luck and I'll see you folks in July.

Great meetup

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Glad to see some new faces and lots of good Drupal.


Good Drupal and good beer. :)

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Good Drupal and good beer. :)

"My ambition was to live like music". - Mary Gaitskill

I went to Jan 14th meeting and NO ORGANIZER SHOWED

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What to the organizers have to say about this? Three students were also there at 7pm but left shortly after. At about 7:15 a facility security person entered room 235 and asked what I was doing there. The meeting was not even on the calendar. The facility security person asked me to wait while he got campus security who questioned me about this meetup and asked for info about it, lucky I had the "meetup" ticket with me and then they my drivers license photocopied. If meeting is cancelled then notice should be sent out. But how could this meeting not even be on the facility schedule. I drove almost an hour to get to the meeting. What do the organizers have to say about this?

New Jersey

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