DrupalPicchu 2014 Cultural Activities

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What better way to get to know new people or enjoy the company of friends than in an exciting adventure?

We had a wonderful time in DrupalCamp Brazil 2011, enjoying the Iguazu Falls, the Itaipu Dam, and the Birds' Park, and we plan to repeat this at DrupalPicchu, heading up to Machu Picchu following the Inca Trail or doing some serious mountain biking!

Please share your ideas with us!

Please beware that visiting Machu Picchu might require extra time and an extra budget. You should plan for an extreme minimum of 1 day (waking up at 5am and getting back to Cusco at 8pm), and if you want to walk the complete Inca Trail (walking from Cusco to Machu Picchu), you'll have to plan for around 5 days and a proper long-in-advance booking for the guides that will (mandatorily) accompany you. Costs of train/trail + Machu Picchu entrance for foreigners are around a minimum of 150 USD (depending on your options, as of 2012) and are increasing each year.


The Inka Trail

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The Inka Trail sounds perfect to me!

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If I travel all that way,

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If I travel all that way, there is no way I will miss out on riding my mountain bike back down from Machu Picchu. A friend did it last year and loved it!!


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