Drupal Design Camp LA 2012 conference call #5 on October 1, 2012

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2012-10-01 18:30 - 19:30 America/Los_Angeles
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User group meeting

Several of the organizers of Drupal Design Camp LA 2012 have scheduled an open conference call on on October 1, 2012 between 6:30-7:30pm Pacific (9:30-10:30pm Eastern). Anyone who's interested in being part of the organizing effort or is just interested in seeing how this conference is coming together is welcome to join us!

For calling in by phone and Skype, we use FreeConferenceCallHD. To receive the conference call information, click the Signup button below. The agenda will consist of discussion around upcoming tasks listed in the DDCLA 2012 planning wiki at http://groups.drupal.org/node/196533#tasks

What's Drupal Design Camp LA 2012?

DDCLA 2012 is our Drupal design, theming, accessibility and usability conference in Los Angeles, California. Our second annual DDCLA conference will be at Droplabs in Downtown Los Angeles, California, on October 12, 13 & 14, 2012.


signing up

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Sorry we missed you, boze!

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Sorry we missed you, boze! Signups for this were automatically closed due to how the Signup module is configured on this site. Meanwhile, I posted the meeting minutes below.

If you'd like to join the open GroupMe chat that we're using to coordinate DDCLA 2012 in real-time, create an account at GroupMe and join up:

&nbsp  https://groupme.com/groups/2674439

GroupMe works via text message on mobile phones, via a native app for Android and iOS and via GroupMe's web interface. Feel free to post a reply here if you have any problems signing up.

Meeting minutes

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Attendees during this call were Chhun, Oliver, Stewart, Jerry and Christefano.


  • Due to unforeseen changes in personnel and an increase in venue prices, io/LA has fallen through as a venue. This was hinted last Friday and confirmed today, Monday. We are pleased to consider them as a venue for a future event.
  • DDCLA 2012 will be at Droplabs in Downtown Los Angeles. Droplabs is available as a venue for a limited audience (e.g. 75-100 attendees) with its existing space. Additional spaces at or near Droplabs may become available.
  • DDCLA 2012 will be reduced in size and scope so that its attendance fits the venue. It can still be a 3 day event (e.g. 1st day is a mentored training, 2nd day is the camp and a 3rd day is full of sprints) but this is for the community to decide.


  • There are several major options: We go with io/LA with fingers crossed; we cancel / postpone the event; or use our backup venue. Christefano and Oliver feel confident in pushing forward with Droplabs:
    • Droplabs is a known entity with a dedicated staff for marketing and hosting the event.
    • 3 separate spaces are guaranteed and a 4th may be possible (increasing capacity to 100-125 attendees).
    • Droplabs was not available before as a venue because it can't accommodate hundreds of people. With DDCLA's minimal marketing efforts to date and today's recent turn of events, however, the DDCLA organizers don't anticipate that many people. Droplabs can easily accommodate up to 100 people.
  • Agreement is reached that Droplabs is suitable as a venue for an event of this size and scope.
  • Overview of our budget (the LA Drupal Association is our fiscal agent) and discussion of food trucks (not likely in this area of Downtown Los Angeles), A/V equipment rental, and other items that are already identified in the budget.
  • Do we need to update and maintain yet another website for this event? No consensus but we agreed to use Drupal Groups and Meetup.com as marketing channels and have a minimal marketing presence at http://www.ddcla.org/2012 in order to reach the larger Los Angeles design community.
  • The DDCLA 2012 website needs a few minor tweaks to be functionally complete (days attending, DCLA imagery, etc.). We can redesign and retheme it later.

Action items:

  • Oliver is talking with the LA Drupal Association about our revised gameplan.
  • Stew is coordinating the first blast for marketing and promotion (#1799928).
  • Christefano is mock deploying the DDCLA 2012 website tonight and will be launching it tonight or tomorrow at http://www.ddcla.org/2012 (#1790816).
  • Chhun is updating content on the DDCLA 2012 site with nearby attractions.
  • Christefano is providing Droplabs' social media team with signup information from Droplabs mailing list and previous camps website to send out a newsletter marketing blast.


Did I miss anything? Please post your notes here. Thanks!


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I think I emailed everyone on the call individually. I just wanted to say I am sorry I had to drop off the call.

My personal opinion is that the change to a venue where you know they aren't going to try and rip you off is wise. It sounds like the price is right at DropLabs. ;)

I also think that a three day event is pretty ambitious. I'd rather see a one or two day event that was packed with activity.

That said, I will pitch in any way needed if you are still determined to try and do this next weekend.

sorry I missed the call

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How can I help?

Thanks again for stepping up

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Thanks again for stepping up and helping at the event. Everything you did was super helpful and it was great having you at both the conference and Twig code sprint.

Please be sure to update your profile at http://ddcla.org/2012/users/toddzebert and someone on the team will add you to the organizers list.

We want to acknowledge everyone who helped out before we mothball the site and submit it to camps.drupal.org.

I'm baaa-aaack

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Sorry I've been silent through the last couple of days. Client emergencies, and since at the moment they're my only client, I had to deal with them.

The following paragraph is not a meant as a criticism of anyone. It's just me feeling my way around Drupal Land and trying to figure out how things are done:

I've been kind of puzzled about this conference, in that it's in just a couple of weeks, and the website wasn't even up. We were going to have local nightlife and attractions on the site, but would anyone from out of town really come to something on this short notice? Like Christefano said above: "With DDCLA's minimal marketing efforts to date and today's recent turn of events, however, the DDCLA organizers don't anticipate that many people." So I think the move to Droplabs is a good one. (I'm eager to see where that room for 100 people is, since all I've seen was a workspace and a conference room.)

Also ... I thought it had been decided that the conference was just going to be two days. Now it looks like three is a possibility again. Again, time seems like a constraint.

Anyhow ... I originally got involved in the conference because I thought helping update the conference site would be a good way to get my feet wet in Drupal. It looks like that train has passed. My non-tech skills are as a writer (though mostly fiction) and editor. What can I do to help?


No worries, this event is

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No worries, this event is completely organized by community volunteers and Droplabs staff. We're in this to have a good time and are 100% open to your feedback, suggestions and criticism. Be sure to register at http://ddcla.org/2012 and one of the DDCLA organizers will follow up with you.

The DDCLA site is now up, but we definitely need help with updating the content in the days leading up to the event. For example, one of the things we need help with is putting the answers to questions we receive via the contact form (we've had several so far) into a Frequently Asked Questions page.

As you can see, the train hasn't passed at all. Just stay tuned to http://groups.drupal.org/ddcla — and join that group if you haven't already — for news of our next conference call and check-in. We also have an issue tracker at http://drupal.org/project/issues/ddcla

Here are some answers to your other points:

We're not going for a "mega camp" approach with tons of out-of-towners and we didn't do that last year, either. To reiterate, this event is intended to bring together the Los Angeles design community, introduce them to Drupal, and vice versa.

The activities are split across 3 days: Friday is a mentored training, job fair and pre-camp party, Saturday is the design camp with presentations and breakout sessions, and Sunday is our day for sprints and a barn raising to benefit a local non-profit that needs help with its Drupal site.

Regarding space, Droplabs has a main room ("the lab"), two conference rooms and a shared lounge. There have been up to 75 people at events at Droplabs in the past (up to 65 at our meetups and 75 at last year's Drupal job fair) and that was just in the main room alone, we're not concerned about capacity. These spaces have already been reserved and insured.


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