Drupal Accessibility Sprint in Toronto (Nov 18 2012)

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2012-11-18 10:00 - 18:00 America/Toronto
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November 16-18 is an exciting time to be in Toronto if you are interested in Drupal and Accessibility.

Along with:

Drupal Accessibility Sprint Toronto -- #a11ySprint

The direction of this one day Drupal sprint will be set by participants. The goal is to pair Drupal developers with accessibility specialists in order to assess and resolve accessibility barriers present in Drupal Core, modules and themes.

Please comment below with ideas about what you would like to work on and what results you would like to see come out of this event.

Please also sign up so that we can get a head count for refreshments!


CSI Spadina
215 Spadina Ave
Alterna Savings Meeting Room (4th floor)

Thanks to Myplanet Digital (@MyplanetDigital) for sponsoring this event!


Tentatively volunteering!

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I don't think I have any plans that weekend, so I'd love to help :)

I'd like to get involved via

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I'd like to get involved via Skype or IRC or online somehow if possible.


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At this week's accessibility Skype call, the group suggested the following priorities for work at the sprint:

  1. New Contrib Modules in Core: documenting accessibility issues and making patches for contrib modules that are likely to come into core (such as dropbutton, Views, Aloha, and others)
  2. Mobile / Responsive: evaluating the accessibility of the new mobile responsive theme work happening for core
  3. Blocks and Layouts: specific suggestions, mockups, or pseudocode for how to do this accessibly

What are you interested in? It's important to think about our game-plan before the event.

I think focusing on the new

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I think focusing on the new contrib modules might be the best use of time, as the rest of those require a lot of base knowledge for each of the initiatives. I'd think having something we could start immediately would be ideal with this short of a sprint.

First, thanks for posting the

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First, thanks for posting the dates for this in advance. Makes a big difference in being able to attend!

I'm not really in touch with the current work on this but can certainly put in a bit of pre-planning towards it. It'd be super helpful if there were guides or templates for specific tasks so there's something to focus work on during the actual sprint. Also, if there's any specific targets (like mentioned above), it'd be good to have those documented so we don't have to waste any time setting up anything special for local environments.