Online Stroll through Drupal 8, then patch party (no onsite at MIT)

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2012-10-29 18:30 - 20:30 America/New_York
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User group meeting

Hurricane Sandy invited: Looks like MIT is closed for Sandy's arrival. Let's meet in a Google Hangout. If we hit the max occupancy, we'll switch to and leave a note here and in the hangout chat.

A group of us are getting together casually at MIT (Tang Center, E51-145, the usual room for our meetups) from 6:30-8:30.

For the first hour we'll explore the current state of Drupal 8.

For the second hour we'll test patches and post our results to the issue queue.

To be prepared, it's best to set up in advance with Drupal 8 and Git running on your local machine.

Everyone is welcome, though it is worth noting that the group is likely to dig into minutia. This get-together may be of limited use to beginners.

Useful links:


PHP version

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One warning for those who have not yet worked with D8: it requires PHP 5.3.5 or higher. See

I think that current versions of Acquia Dev Desktop or the Windows drush installer have recent enough versions of PHP. (I have not tried it yet, but "drush qd" should use whatever version of PHP that drush is using.)

step-by-step setup instructions on

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A few of the step-by-step instructions on may help folks prepare: - strategy, training, documentation


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Should be nice to dive a bit deeper in D8 with some other folks! I'll definitely be there.

D8, Vim, and the Vimrc project

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If you use vim to edit your code, then you should try the Vim Plugin for Drupal (the vimrc project). To work well with D8, it needs this patch. I would love to commit the patch before our patch party, and all I need is someone to try it out and mark it RTBC.

Vimrc project is ready for D8!

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The alpha3 release of the vimrc project is now available. It includes several new features, including support for D8.

See the installation instructions. After installing pathogen, you should be able to install the alpha3 release with

$ cd ~/.vim/bundle
$ drush @none dl vimrc

D8 installed for testing

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Hey Guys i have successfully installed D8 on my local system with xampp 1.8.0.

Acquia Dev Desktop works, too.

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I succeeded, too, on my Windows laptop, using Acquia Dev Desktop (ADD). There are just two things to note:

  1. Make sure you are using the right PHP version. See my comment above. (If you forget, you will get a helpful error message.)
  2. During installation, open up the "Advanced Settings" fieldset on the page where you enter your database settings. (The DB user is "drupaluser" with empty password.) I think either "localhost" or "" will work for the DB host, but make sure to set the port to "33066" (or whatever your ADD has configured). If you forget, you will get a less helpful error message.

Update: I find that I have to use and not localhost as the DB server. YMMV.


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I would not be able to make it out to boston for the meet but I would like to join via google+ if possible

happy to suggest using g+ in meetup

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off-site folks definitely welcome to join in by google hangout.

we can project the hangout onto a screen and have a laptop pointed at any group discussions.

those on site who want to have it open can also collaborate with off-site folks.

seem like a reasonable approach? (other recommendations welcomed!) - strategy, training, documentation

I'm also not able to make it

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I'm also not able to make it to Boston, but would be interested in joining by Google+

Hurricane Sandy

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I was planning to attend, but it looks as though Hurricane Sandy will be causing problems tomorrow evening (Monday). Unless we all move to some sort of screen-sharing attendance, I think it will be wise to reschedule the event.

MIT will be closed on Monday. I am not sure, but this may mean that we do not have the option of meeting there.

Google hangout, no physical meeting

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We will meet on-line: check the event's page for information.

I see that the event description has been edited. I did not get an e-mail notification of the edit, but I do get notifications when comments are posted, so I am adding this comment in the hope of reaching some people who may have the same notification settings that I have.

Patches submitted.

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I had an easy idea I wanted to implement, and submitted a patch for it, which jesse.d already marked RTBC. Maybe I should have created a new issue for it, but I decided to submit it to an existing, related issue: The goal is to make it a little easier to install more than one module using admin/modules/install.

At the last meetup, I talked a little about how hard it is to find a particular module on admin/modules if you have a long list of modules, with lots of dependencies (as some distributions have). At the meetup, I suggested using vim: At tonight's patch party, Kay mentioned this issue: There has already been a lot of work on redesigning the page, and I added a little improvement (#175).


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