Create articles from Feed

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I'm creating an online newspaper with the latest version of OpenPublish. I'm not clear how to create articles from a feed. The documentation and tutorials that I've seen seem to apply to OpenPublish 1.0. Can someone direct me to the applicable documentation for this feature ?


Try the information

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Try the information at:
or see this tutorial at:

You can refer to also

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Articles from Feeds

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I'm not sure that you're clear about my problem; I'm not trying to create a feed from my articles but articles from a feed, for example, a feed from the Washington Post.

OpenPublish 6.0

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Does anyone know where I can download OpenPublish 6.0 or the distribution of OpenPublish for Drupal 6.0 ? That version of OpenPublish seems to have that feature.

Try this...

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Drupal 6

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Is this release a distribution ? Do you know where to find installation instructions for it ? I had no trouble with OP7 but I'm having trouble with this.