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Launch of my Drupal 8 based technology blog website

I have launched my website based on Drupal 8 which is a collaboration site for people to share their technical expertise, review new technology and gadgets, provide solution to technical problems, give their views on events which is shaping our future technology landscape to help their community and internet users as a whole solve technical problems and take decisions regarding their choice of technology.

Site link:

Please visit my website and leave your feedback so that I can improve it to make it more useful and user friendly.

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Create articles from Feed

I'm creating an online newspaper with the latest version of OpenPublish. I'm not clear how to create articles from a feed. The documentation and tutorials that I've seen seem to apply to OpenPublish 1.0. Can someone direct me to the applicable documentation for this feature ?

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How to arrange content nodes using content type articles

Is there a way to arrange the order of articles that are "posted to front"? Or in a view? I have a view called Fall Happenings on the left side of this page and it would be nice to arrange the order of these. Am I missing something? TIA! The Fall Happenings is a block but also a view - all of my articles post there as well as in the middle (if I click Post to Front on the article). I have rearranged blocks no problem. I want to rearrange articles in a view or just ones Posted to Front. Has anyone tried Nodeorder Design? That looks like what I'd like to do.

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Articles in OP do not appear anywhere

Hi everyone, thanks for the recent welcomes to OP discussions.

Have just run into a big problem, seems all my article content has stopped loading to the home page, or to any page. I suspect this occurred when I was looking through article/relationships though I don't recall making changes. now shows no article content since and I'm struggling to find the error of my way. Any help appreciated.

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List articles of a category in frontpage

I want display all articles of a category in frontpage as
Is it possible ?

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Information is power!

First thing to be discussed in our small group

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Google Ads on "Video" article Page

I cant seem to find how I can add a google advert block to the Video page/node/article.

I can see my ad blocks on the homepage and other pages, but not on the video section.

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