Is there a project management entities module

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I was looking for a module to enabled data structures for a couple of projects I am thinking about. What I really need is a module that provides a fairly generic entity architecture for project management artifacts such as tasks and events.

For example one of the projects I am working on is an editorial calendar where I need to create "content topics" and "events". One approach to do this would be to use nodes, but I think a separate base entity will work better as to not clutter the node table. So I was looking for something that would enable me to create project management entities.

All the module would really need to be is a clone of customized to build a project management entity base entity. It sounds pretty simple, but I cannot find anything like that in contrib.

I am more than happy to create it, but wanted to check if something already exists like this.

BTW, I looked at the PM module, but that is much heavier that what I need.


Depends on your needs

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There are several possibilities, depending on your needs. In no particular order, they include:

There is also a page comparing (some of the available) project management and ticket tracking solutions, including ones not listed above:

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