Drupal Module Development Boot Camp at Droplabs in Downtown Los Angeles starting Monday, July 22, 2013 #modbootcamp

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2013-07-22 18:00 - 21:00 America/Los_Angeles
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Training (free or commercial)

We're offering a free, application-based program designed to improve the Drupal skills of beginner- to intermediate-level Drupal and PHP developers. Together as a group, we're going to be diving into Drupal's APIs and helper functions, developing custom modules (many of us for the first time), using version control and other Drupal developer best practices, and advancing our Drupal skills to the next level.

Our program kicks off at Droplabs on Monday, July 22, 2013. It will be held on the 2nd and 4th Mondays of each month (between 7-9pm) through Monday, January 27, 2014. Optional lab hours will be held at Droplabs prior to each Monday session from 6-7pm, as well as for a few hours on Saturday afternoons.

Drupal book For courseware, we're using the book, Drupal 7 Module Development, as well as Build a Module.com videos and other materials, including code from the Examples project and curriculum from supporting Drupal training companies.

Sound interesting? See http://droplabs.net/modbootcamp for all the information we could think of, including a FAQ and the link to the boot camp application form.

This is an ambitious program that's for the Drupal community, by the Drupal community, and we want to be sure to get it right, so be sure to tell us as much as you can when applying, including feedback in the "Feedback" section. Space is limited and applications that are light on details are less likely to be accepted.

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Location & Directions

   651 Clover St.
   Los Angeles, CA 90031

Droplabs is near Downtown Los Angeles at Big Art Labs, just 1 mile down Main St. from Union Station and Philippes. We're one block west of The Brewery, the largest live-and-work artists' colony in the world.

For this event, out of respect to our neighbors please park on the street. (You can park for free on Clover St.) After parking, follow the yellow signs that point to Droplabs.

Droplabs is a brief walk from the Main St. / Lamar St. stop on the the Metro Local 76 bus line. This is also the Lincoln Heights / Chinatown DASH stop.

To carpool or catch the Droplabs shuttle from Union Station, post below in the comments.

About Droplabs

Droplabs is a collaborative coworking space, classroom and makerspace near Downtown Los Angeles. We're the leading low-cost coworking space in the Greater Los Angeles Area and have shared and private workspaces that are uniquely designed for entrepreneurs, freelancers and remote workers.

Created in March, 2011, by Los Angeles-area entrepreneurs and contributors to numerous tech and open source communities (Linux, Drupal, etc.), we are focused on serving web and tech communities in the Greater Los Angeles Area. Our founders represent several local area businesses that have deep roots in the tech and open source communities.

We are also an event venue and meeting space and host public and private events, including business meetings, free coworking days, user group meetups, job fairs and launch parties. As a center for training and education in Los Angeles, we host workshops and corporate trainings on a variety of topics.

To learn more about Droplabs, visit Droplabs.net, follow @Droplabs on Twitter, sign up at Meetup.com/Droplabs or like DroplabsLA on Facebook!


Santa Barbara

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Any groups getting together in Santa Barbara? LA evenings kinda tough to pull off...

There's the Santa Barbara Drupal group!

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There's the Santa Barbara Drupal group!


The group has had meetups at a variety of locations, including UCSB and the new SB Makerspace.

It's possible that there might be Drupal boot camp in the Santa Barbara area but only if there's enough interest and a venue is available to support it. I suggest joining the SB group and posting a discussion there:


Shuttle from Union Station

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I am interested in get a shuttle or car pooling from Union Station. I will be coming from Pasadena and the Gold line is a great way to make this happen.

Pasadena -> Droplabs

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  • See my earlier post on getting to Droplabs via public transportation.

I will be going down there for the module bootcamp on Mon.; I will be coming from Monrovia to Droplabs, so if it would make it easier to have somebody walk you through the 'public transportation drill' from Pasadena, I could meet you somewhere along the line.

I don't drive, so can't participate actively in a carpool; I would share in the driving costs if I could work out some sort of carpool arrangement from Pasadena.

Gotcha on public transport for module bootcamp is more 'how do you get back to Pasadena' rather than getting there, as last train that will allow you to make connections beyond pasadena is at ~ 10pm; if all you need is just to get back to Pasadena after bootcamp, this is not much of an issue.


Thanks Jeff

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Thanks Jeff,
I am pretty familiar with the gold line and transfers. As it was mentioned above if someone was going to shuttle from Union Station, I would be interested. I will be leaving the Del Mar station in Pasadena about 5 to 5:15. I will get there early but I can judge it better next time based on the connections.



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I'm assuming that you are trying to get to Droplabs for the Module Development Bootcamp. Here's how I do it:

  • Catch the Gold Line in Pasadena (Sierra Madre Villa/Lake/etc)
  • Get off the Gold Line at the Chinatown stop (station just before Union Station)
  • Walk east 1 block on College Ave over to College/Main
  • Catch the 76 bus North (El Monte station) - get off at Lamar (stop after you cross the railroad tracks).
  • Walk ~ 1 block east to Droplabs

There is also a DASH shuttle that you can catch at the same stop you catch the 76 at(College/Main); same drill for getting to Droplabs as with the 76 (above).

For more details, talk to Droplabs public transportation expert Miguel Hernandes (techivist)

HTH, Jeff

IRC Web Interface

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I noticed that my IRC client does not work at the Santa Monica library. Some places ban IRC, and that seems to be the case at the library. If you happen to be in such a situation, you might want to put this LINK on your desktop to launch to a web IRC interface, as a backup.


Thanks, Peter. The link to

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Thanks, Peter. The link to the freenode webchat looks good but the IRC channel is #drupal-modbootcamp (with the #drupal prefix). So the correct URL is:


Some places do limit access to ports 6667, 6668 and 6669. You can also try ports 6697, 7000 or 7070, which freenode uses for SSL connections.

Thanks to the instructors

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I wanted to voice my thanks to the instructors at modbootcamp. Christefano, Stew, Ron and Oliver, I know it took some dedication for you fellows to herd the cats. I know I have a great deal more knowledge of Drupal and know I have the skills to take on a module or other development. May not be proficient in all the areas but now can proceed with confidence.

I know we added a three weeks but there has to be an end to all good things. Last night as I was leaving I felt relief to have the commitment behind and not have to start studying for next class, but I also felt a little sad for it being over.


Wow, thank you Paul! With

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Wow, thank you Paul!

With your permission I've copied your kind words to our testimonials page at https://droplabs.net/about/testimonials-and-awards  

I fully expect that after GLADCamp, we'll have caught our breath enough to begin a "module development meetup" as a spin-off of the boot camp.

Many thanks Christefano, Stew, Ron and Oliver et als.

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It has been great meeting up with you all on Monday nights plowing through Drupal's API system and cracking Drupal. With each class, I realized that there is so much more to learn! I think that the example code sprints were the best but I think the camaraderie was equally essential to the learning process. Also, a big thanks to Droplabs for all the coffee, snacks, drinks and just having a place to concentrate and meetup.

  • Cheers to you all. Keep up the good work!

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