上海Drupal协同贡献聚会 - 2013年9月14日 / Drupal Workshop SH - September 14th, 2013

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2013-09-14 10:00 - 19:00 Asia/Shanghai
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User group meeting

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很期待在Drupal 9月聚会上跟各位见面。

Drupal协同贡献聚会(Drupal workshop)是一场全天候的、每月第2个或第3个周六、免费举办,Drupaler在这里相聚 (线上同) 以小组的形式为 Drupal 作各种不同的贡献

Workshop 安排综览

培训 聚会 协作
10:00 ~ 12:00
12:00 ~ 13:00 - 午餐时间

测试, 打补丁,
13:00 ~ 15:00
15:00 ~ 15:30 - 中场休息
  15:30 ~ 18:00 - 聚会:
  1. 使用Webform管理和创建定制表单
  2. Drupal和响应式设计
  3. Drupal Commerce优惠券模块概览
  4. 使用百度统计改进SEO/SEM
  5. 利用Editable Fields进行老式inline editing
  19:00 美好的一天结束  



10:00 ~ 15:15 / 全天:培训


Drupal的一天(上) - 10:00 ~ 12:00
培训者:gaofengzzz [初学者]
培训针对Drupal爱好者不论有无Drupal 开发/应用经验 (对PHP/HTML/CSS/JS知识不作规定)都可以参加。



Drupal的一天(下) - 13:00 ~ 15:00
培训者:alfababy [初学者]


15:30 ~ 18:00: 聚会



  1. [综合/初学者] 使用经典的Webform模块创建、管理定制表单 ——zterry95。这个话题尤其适合经过上半天培训后的参加者,在开始使用Drupal前继续关注Drupal的重要功能特性。
  2. [主题] 了解响应式设计w3cplus将为各位介绍一些优秀主题、范例、概念等。相信Themers们会感兴趣。
  3. [建站:电子商务] 给Drupal Commerce 网站加点料,试试优惠券促销方式。xiukun.zhou将演示安装了Commerce Kickstart的基础上如何使用Commerce Coupon
  4. [网络营销:SEO/SEM] 介绍新发布的百度统计模块 ——DYdave。包括了简短的百度营销速成课,从网络营销的角度介绍该平台的功能。关于此模块更详细的说明,请看SEO/SEM必备之“百度统计”
  5. [建站:UI] 在Views、内容显示和其他许多场合利用Editable Fields模块进行老式inline editing ——ycshen。展望未来Spark下的inline editing (为以后的Drupal 8 话题先简单的热个身)

招聘 / 项目合作

10:00 ~ 19:00 / 全天:协作 - 带上电脑



一般来说,聚会结束后,将邀请参加者们共进晚餐或参加After Party,使大家能够在私下轻松交流、交友





日期 周六,2013年9月14日
地点 中山北路900号(近普善路)加禾商务中心2号楼311室
时间 10:00 - 19:00 地图 谷歌 /百度 地图
线上 IRC: #drupal-china
地铁 1号线:中山北路站
出站后路线:谷歌/ 百度 地图
语言 中文,英文 花费 无。请自备电脑。
用餐 请自行解决。 联系人 Yvonne Chen / DYdave / miloyz

下一场聚会:周六,2013年10月19日,10:00 - 19:00。

加入 groups.drupal.org立即报名参加此活动

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Hi guys,

We're all glad to be able to get together for another session of the Drupal Workshop in September.

The Drupal contribute workshop is a full day, monthly event, free of charge, to be held on Saturdays (2nd or 3rd of the month) during which Drupalers are invited to meet and get closer (online as well) to work in driven groups on various types of Drupal contributions.

Overview of the Workshop plan:

Training Meetup Co-working
10:00 ~ 12:00 - Part 1:
Drupal in a Day
12:00 ~ 13:00 - Lunch Time

All Day:
Bug fixing,
code review,
testing, patches,
modules discussions,
mentoring and much more.
13:00 ~ 15:00 - Part 2:
Drupal in a Day
15:00 ~ 15:30 - Coffee Break
  15:30 ~ 18:00 - Meetup:
  1. Managing and creating custom forms with Webform
  2. Responsive Design in Drupal
  3. Overview of Drupal Commerce Promotional Coupon Codes
  4. Leveraging Baidu Analytics for improved SEO/SEM in China
  5. The legacy of inline editing with Editable Fields
  19:00 End of the day  


As usual, we'll be starting in the morning at 10am with the training sessions:

10:00 to 15:15 / Full day: Training

Two featured training sessions provided by professional trainers. This is a dedicated training session with a structured and defined training curriculum.
It is recommended to attend the training sessions on time.

Drupal in a Day - Part 1 - 10:00 to 12:00 by gaofengzzz [For beginners]
This is a standard Introduction to Drupal very similar to what could be done for Global Training Days.
The training is designed for anyone who would be interested in Drupal, with or without Drupal development/application experience (PHP/HTML/CSS/JS knowledge is not required).

Our main objective would be to provide enough information and transfer enough knowledge to participants about Drupal capabilities and perhaps try finding a potential direct/immediate field of application in their professional areas.

For a more complete outline of the training's contents, feel free to check Drupal Training Day in China - Intro to Drupal.

Drupal in a Day - Part 2 - 13:00 to 15:00 by alfababy [For beginners]
Second part of the Introduction to Drupal Training, with more examples, tips, tools, best practices, advice and if time allows it, further discussion topics.

Followed by a 20 to 30 minutes General Q&A and coffee break in the afternoon, before the meetup:

15:30 to 18:00: Meetup

Presented by DYdave, get your monthly feed of updates and insight on the Drupal community:
News, Upcoming Events, Job Offers, Initiatives, and much more to be discussed.
Getting Involved and how to support our community.
Introduction to the topics and speakers.

Featured Presentations:

  1. [General/Beginners] Creating and managing custom forms on your website with the excellent and very popular Webform module, by zterry95. This topic would be particularly suitable for participants who attended the training, in the continuity of the features that could be explored when starting to use Drupal.
  2. [Theming] Learn more about Responsive Design in Drupal with w3cplus: recommended themes, best practices, concepts and much more. Especially among Themers, Responsive Design has been an increasingly popular discussion topic.
  3. [E-Commerce for Site Builders] Spice up your Drupal Commerce sites' promotions by enabling promotional coupon codes, xiukun.zhou will give us a complete overview of what could be achieved with the Commerce Coupon module running on a fresh Commerce Kickstart installation.
  4. [SEO/SEM for Online Marketers] Introduction to the newly released Baidu Analytics module, by DYdave, including a short Baidu Online Marketing crash course, with an approach from an Online Marketer's perspective and an overview of the features provided by the platform. For a more complete introduction to the topic and module, please check Improved SEO/SEM in China with Baidu Analytics integration.
  5. [UI for Site Builders] The legacy of inline editing with Editable Fields, to be used in Views, content display and other common places, by ycshen. Looking at the future of inline editing with the Spark initiative (short warm-up for future Drupal 8 presentations).

Lightning rounds: Share your experiences [Still open and room for participants]
Job Offers / Marketplace
Wrap up and conclusion.
Follow-up after dark and discussions.

10:00 to 19:00 / Full day: Co-Working - Make sure you bring your laptops

We will be providing drinks/coffee/tea, the space and connection to work all together with other confirmed local Drupalers.
This would match the needs of intermediate to advanced Drupal developers who would like to have the possibility of working on their own projects and be able to get some help, assistance or ask direct questions to other developers present at the session.

Typical case: Developers who already have enough Drupal foundation knowledge to learn by themselves, use modules and build sites, but would encounter obstacles or issues along the way during the construction of a project. Co-working with other Drupalers would allow quick, easy, direct and immediate response on any of the questions or issues encountered.

After dark:
In general, after the event, participants would be invited to join together for a diner or an after party to be able to better socialize, discuss and blend in the local community, in an informal and relaxing environment.

As always speakers are highly welcome.

We would greatly appreciate any of your questions, comments, feedbacks, objections, ideas, recommendations or concerns on any aspects of this event or its organization and would surely be glad to provide more information.

Thanks again to everyone for your great feedback, support and signing-up.
We're certainly all looking very much forward to getting together for another rich Workshop and busy day.

Thanks for getting involved!

Event's details:

Date Saturday, September 14, 2013. (Freely join. Training would be recommend to be on time.) Location Room 311, Building 2, Number 900, North Zhongshan road
Time 10:00 - 19:00 Maps Map on Google / Baidu
Online IRC: #drupal-china (setup and chat with the Drupal Community)/em> Subway Line 1, station: North Zhong Shan Road / 中山北路.
Directions on Google / Baidu
Language Chinese and English Cost None other than your own material/laptop
Food At the expense of participants. Contacts Yvonne Chen / DYdave / miloyz

Next session: Saturday, October 19 2013, from 10:00 to 19:00.

Please register an account on groups.drupal.org and sign up for this event.


报名 drupal 培训聚会

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Drupalers 在上海
listen to your heart


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Drupal中国 http://drupalchina.cn Drupal China


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屇时我也去参加,与大家一起探讨一下有关于Responsive Design的一点心得。

nice, more than welcome~

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nice, more than welcome~

Love, Peace and Drupal


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在你的 博客 上看到



Drupalers 在上海
listen to your heart

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最好可以事先安装好本地服务器环境(比如 XAMPP or WAMP))。


我们非常期待这次培训, 并让他成为新的培训周期的开始:)


Hi guys,

Just a quick message to let you know that if you plan to attend the training, we would recommend that you bring your laptop.

If you can maybe try installing a small webserver on your computer (maybe something like XAMPP or WAMP) it would even be better.

Feel free to let us know at anytime if you would have any questions on the upcoming training, we would certainly be glad to provide more information.

We're all very much looking forward to getting together to start this new training cycle.
Thanks again very much to everyone for your great support, interest and involvement in the Drupal community.

We need action!!!


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聚会安排更新啦 / Workshop's Meetup program updated

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  1. [综合/初学者] 使用经典的Webform模块创建、管理定制表单
  2. [主题] 了解响应式设计:优秀主题、范例、概念等。
  3. [建站:电子商务] 给Drupal Commerce 网站加点料,利用Commerce Coupon模块尝试在线优惠券促销方式。
  4. [网络营销:SEO/SEM] 介绍新发布的百度统计模块,包括简短的百度营销速成课(更详细的说明请看SEO/SEM必备之“百度统计”
  5. [建站:UI] 利用Editable Fields模块进行的老式inline editing和未来Spark下的inline editing。


假如不打算出席上午的培训,可以在15:30 meetup开始之前到。


期待Drupal 9月聚会~

Hi guys,

Just a quick update to let everybody know Workshop's Meetup plan has been updated (see initial event post at the top of the page).

It seems some great topics have been lined up for the September session, with an interesting variety of subjects, trying to accomodate a larger audience range:

  1. [General/Beginners] Creating and managing custom forms on your website with the excellent and very popular Webform module.
  2. [Theming] Learn more about Responsive Design: recommended themes, best practices, concepts and much more.
  3. [E-Commerce for Site Builders] Spice up your Drupal Commerce sites' promotions by enabling promotional coupon codes with Commerce Coupon.
  4. [SEO/SEM for Online Marketers] Introduction to the newly released Baidu Analytics module, including a short Baidu Online Marketing crash course (more information at Improved SEO/SEM in China with Baidu Analytics integration).
  5. [UI for Site Builders] The legacy of inline editing in Drupal with Editable Fields and its future with Spark.

Sounds like quite a pretty exciting plan!

As usual the Workshop should get started at 10am on Saturday with Training and we'll make particular attention this time that all sessions stick closely to the schedule (including starting on time, lunch and coffee breaks).
Unless you would like to attend morning's training, feel free to drop by at anytime before 15:30 to catch-up for the Meetup.

Although the floor is going to be pretty crowded this time, speakers, topics, ideas or suggestions for the meetup would certainly be greatly appreciated.
We would be very happy to hear about your experiences using Drupal, please share them with us!

Thanks again to everyone for your great feedback, support and signing-up.
We're all very much looking forward to getting together for a rich new session of the Drupal Workshop in September.


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新人按惯例应该报个道-- 我是drapal新手,我来了!

http://www.NexPCB.com | Create your design


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确认参加了, 明天见。


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This looks like a great schedule of topics being covered!

Hope to see any slides/video posted, since I won't be able to make it there in person.


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hi,forestmars. 在线ppt地址:https://speakerdeck.com/w3cplus/responsiveshe-ji 如果您感兴趣,我们可以一起探讨更多有关于RWD的话题。我对RWD非常感兴趣。在我的blog有很多RWD相关的介绍http://www.w3cplus.com/blog/tags/79.html 不过都是中文,不知道您是否喜欢。Thank you very much!

Bei Jing (China)

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