Drupal's ability to replace proprietary systems like Oracle and SAP

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Hello Enterprise group! I have extensive experience with enterprise systems like JD Edwards, Oracle, and SAP, in manufacturing and now I'm a Drupal developer. I would like to start a discussion about Drupal's ability to replace these proprietary systems. I suffered many years dealing with these systems and would love to see Drupal put the RIP label on their strangle hold on industry. I'm especially interested in:
1) What does Oracle/SAP/etc do that Drupal can't do?
2) What parts of Oracle/SAP/etc can be replaced by D7? D8?
3) Are you using Drupal in your enterprise now? If so, how?
4) Do you think Drupal has a future in this market? (Acquia certainly thinks so)
& anything else you want to add.


Dries mentioned the enterprise market

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Dries mentioned the enterprise market in Prague. What do you think? Will it happen for Drupal?


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What Oracle Apps and Sap bring is breadth of code - there are LOTS of pre-built "apps" that automate many, many different business processes. Hey, there's even a pre-built option for managing the dispensing of narcotic drug raw ingredients withing a pharmaceutical factory... (As an extreme example I have seen in use)

Businesses get into these tools because of there options; certainly not because of the overall niceness of the product.

What Oracle Apps and Sap bring is breadth of code

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Could open source replace these apps which require licenses? Is it worth re-building these as open source?
(Dries seems to thinks so)

It could, yes. Trouble is,

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It could, yes. Trouble is, would it be worth it?

worth it? YES

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My previous company, a large manufacturer, paid Oracle over $150k/year in license fees. Yea, it may be worth it.