Washington, DC, Drupal Meetup on April 4th

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2007-04-05 05:10 - 07:10 Etc/GMT-5

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A few of us made it out to the OSCMS conference last month and are excited to share some exciting Drupal developments, learn what everyone is working on, and try out our own "Drupal lightening talks." This Wednesday's meetup will consist of a series of five minute brain dumps (kind of like speed dating) and beer. We'll meet around 7:00 pm at Cafe Luna at 1633 P Street NW. Michelle Balsley from Trellon came up with the new venue for this month - it should be bigger, which will be nice since we've grown a bit.

Anyone can present - the only two rules are that you must talk about Drupal and your presentation must be shorter than five minutes. Post your ideas here of what you want to present and what you're interested in hearing about. Hopefully we'll have about five or six different presentations. We'll start the presentations around 7:30 pm and then get back to just drinking around 8:00 pm.

If you're in town for the NTC conference and want to join us, the bar is just a five minute walk from the Dupont Circle metro on the red line.


Beer & DruPal?

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DruPal and Beer? I'm already sold!

Total newbie to drupal, but am volunteer (aka unpaid) webmaster for two organizational websites;

http://www.delraycitizen.org/ (took over about a month ago, so it's not my fault!)

  • which I am hoping to move both up in their "abilities" with drupal, shortly. So I am interested in hearing everything and anything. In my "real life," I work as a rocket scientist... at that funny five sided building. So, please... have mercy on me... or not. ;)

- Peter

Mr. Peter A. Morrison, VP & Webmaster
Del Ray Neighborhood Citizen's Association, Alexandria VA


Mr. Peter A. Morrison, VP & Webmaster
Del Ray Neighborhood Citizen's Association, Alexandria VA


Will try

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Hey Eric. I will be in town for NTC and will try to come by but I won't be able to stay long. As you know there about a million events that night. Plus I actually have to sleep sometime...

Hope to see you @ NTC anyway!

I'll be there for sure!

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Yea, I really enjoyed the February DC Meetup, so I'll be there for this one (still bumed I missed the March one)

QUESTION: Does anyone remember who it was who spoke at the February one and did a slideshow on Knowledge Networks? I am thinking of setting up a knowledge network myself and I'd like to ask him a few questions and see if his powerpoint file from the speach is avilable.


L i q u i d M e t h o d s @ G m a i l . c o m

L i q u i d M e t h o d s @ G m a i l . c o m


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That would be Mike from Trellon. I think he'll be there. He's def. the person you should talk to.

Yea, I got them - fantastic!

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Yea, I got them - fantastic! Thank you!:)

L i q u i d M e t h o d s @ G m a i l . c o m

L i q u i d M e t h o d s @ G m a i l . c o m

I think his slides are

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I think his slides are available on the trellon web site.

nodeasblock patch and i18n changes

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Jose Reyero, the author of internationalization module is in town and he will present what the latest i18n corepatch for Drupal 6 will bring for multilingual sites in Drupal.

I will present the latest features added to nodeasblock by this patch here: http://drupal.org/node/133452


Here is a blog post about

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Here is a blog post about the nodeasblock patch if anyone wants to read about it first:


proposed quick talk

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Hi everyone,

I'd like to do a five-minute talk on two small-ish things that I think would be of interest.

First, a quick overview of asset.module, which I wrote while at EchoDitto (it's open source). It allows database-backed file uploads, which come in handy if you have a multi-server Drupal install or otherwise want to centralize things a bit better. I can go over the basics.

Second, I've extended what I originally wrote in the module with XML-RPC, which I can cover briefly as well. I'll have a quick, non-PHP client ready to upload an image to a site to show how XML-RPC can help you overcome language barriers as well as extend Drupal!

Let me know what you think!

That would rock, love to

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That would rock, love to hear that!

  • ted

Partner at Detroit Venture Partners. Sold ParentsClick to A&E. Ex-Drupal dev. Cornell Engineering alum. Tech pioneer leading startup renaissance in Detroit.

Yep, that's really cool

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Yep, that's really cool 8)

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next time...

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Unfortunately can't make it this month... next time!

Dan Katz, President
Electric Sage Designs LLC

Dan Katz
Solutions Architect, Acquia

Drupal for Event management

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Jose also helps with the World Food Programs Walk the World site in his abundant free time, and I work on the UN Millennium Campaign's site for Stand Up Against Poverty. I don't know if others are interested, but I'd like to hear Jose talk a little about this and would be happy to share my experiences on using Drupal for large scale distributed events/mobilizations.

Looking forward to the event

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I'm in town for the N-TEN NTC conference. I can talk about how I built my latest site if anyone is interested:




great meeting tonight

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Just wanted to give a shout out and say that I really liked the format tonight. I think the five minute limit is a great way to cover a ton of topics but also allow for questions. It's got my vote!

Also, I'll have my info from tonight (updated asset.module, the Cocoa app, slides, etc.) online soon and I'll post the URL here.

In the meantime, you can grab EchoDitto's original asset.module here (which I wrote). It does not feature the XML-RPC component, though. That version is what I'll be posting later.

code and slides

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Ok, I've just posted the code from last night (Drupal and Cocoa) as well as the slides and some basic setup info:


Thanks to everyone!

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Just wanted to say I enjoyed the format, and the presentations last night. Both my wife and I enjoyed it, and the cucumber salad and hummus was tasty too. I appreciated the image software development and the xml presentations relating to second life especially, since I am familiar with both applications - and appreciate the complexity with both efforts.

And you've all given me a lot to consider about my own applications and websites future.

Mr. Peter A. Morrison, VP & Webmaster
Del Ray Neighborhood Citizen's Association, Alexandria VA
Georgetown Lutheran Church Website Developer

Mr. Peter A. Morrison, VP & Webmaster
Del Ray Neighborhood Citizen's Association, Alexandria VA



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Yeah, a summary of the conference would be nice, especially on the news on drupal...

Guido Marc
Self taught Webmaster of

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