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ご協力お願いします。DCAPOのアナウンス翻訳をここでスタートすることにしました。(fuji@drupal.org 11/12/2009)

DrupalCon Asia-Pacific Organizer(ドルーパルコングレスアジアーパシフィックオーガナイザ DCAPO)グループが結成された事を発表させて頂きます。DCAPO(ディーカポ)は我々が属するアジア太平洋地域(西はインド、東はオーストラリア)でヨーロッパなどでは大々的に開かれているDrupalConをここアジアでも開催するための組織育成をするために結成されました。






We are excited to announce the DrupalCon Asia-Pacific Organisers group. DCAPO intends to lay foundations that will facilitate international Drupal Conferences (DrupalCons) in the Asia-Pacific region.

DCAPO welcomes and needs input and assistance from Drupal users and communities throughout the Asia-Pacific region. DrupalCons are a lot of work, and are only possible through the community's effort. Please join the DCAPO group to share your opinions and experience, volunteer your time, or nominate yourself or others for roles on the selection team.

DCAPO will later announce a call to the community to suggest and research locations for the first Asia-Pacific DrupalCon. Note that a lot of work goes into researching locations. The DCAPO selection team will only be able to seriously consider locations with suitable venues, dates and event management companies, financial estimates, potential audience and motivated local teams.

But first, as much of the Asia-Pacific Drupal community as possible needs to get involved. You can help by translating and reposting this announcement on other websites where Asia-Pacific Drupal users and communities are likely to find it. Don't forget to note any translations and reposts in the DCAPO group so that we can track progress and share translations with each other.

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