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There seem to be a few badge oriented achievement modules in Drupal.

The more commercial one is based on

The module is

Mozilla's OpenBadges is also interesting

And there are 2 modules to address those:

Also, there are comparisons & discussions about this.

There is also this User Badges module which can be assigned by role or by an adminstrator:

Would be useful to know who is implementing these and what the results have been from any of these approaches.

I think it could potentially be useful for, but more interested in how they are working "in the wild" and what can be learned about using them.


After discussions with morbusiff on twitter

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Worth noting tvn's work exploring what could be done with d.o:

tvn's draft of the reputation system here:

her discussions of other reputation systems:

Looks like there was a DrupalCon talk - reputation system -
but I can't find the link.

Brainstormign session on adoption on d.o:

Proposal on d.o:

Discussion on ideascale

on stack exchange:

also note a book from O'Reilly Media:


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As I see it, the two major struggles with gamification in Drupal are:
1) The amount of work necessary to create a single meaningful badge (e.g., logic in the code, compelling badge names and images);
2) Connecting these badges to something outside of the single site to give the badge contextual meaning/value (e.g., connecting sites together).

I started the AMOBB module as a proof of concept and heavily relied on previous work that had been done by morbusiff on the Achievements module (which helped to reduce struggle [1]). The goal of AMOBB was to connect the Achievements module in with Mozilla's larger badge framework (thereby attempting to address struggle [2]).

I think that the two primary struggles remain the same, and though both of these modules take first steps at addressing them, they're still first steps.

Meaningful names/images

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Thanks Royce..

There is a great example in Symfony..

Badges can be for
- length of time contributing
- time since first patch in core/module/theme
- experience with D7 or D8
- expereince with twig or symfony
- simpletests or behat
- events attended
- 10+ pages of documentation started
- RTBC's commited
- 250th comment
- Modules maintained
- Most code committed that week

We can start with whatever's easy I figure. Some stuff is going to be easy to pull out of the DB...

I do wonder if we could get some visual inspiration from

From the standpoint of

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From the standpoint of achievements (in my parlance, a "badge" is just the visual representation [the image] of an achievement", but my parlance is sourced from games, not gamification), it's easy as pie to start coding those things up. But that doesn't necessarily mean much - one of the grandest concerns of earlier discussions was how to reward people who do not make meaningful contributions to a database - the marketers, for example.

Rewarding those who aren't in the DB

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Well, there just aren't enough marketers, but ultimately it comes down to weighting. Tweets for #Drupal could be measured as could other social media. Ideally you'd have press releases go up on the site like:

And have more than 4 done since D6 was released.... Ultimately though, if we can't motivate 100% of the community using these tools, it doesn't mean that we shouldn't try to leverage these tools to reward the majority of people who are currently participating.

Also, I just ran into this leaderboard idea with badges.

Badge Designer, Comparisons & More

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Interesting discussion about comparable tools here:

Also, this Google forum seems good.

It's mainly a case of agreement...

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Use of modules like achievements and amobb do seem pretty effective in creating the technical infrastructure for badges; I'm implementing them on a site right now.

Morbus is quite right that it is the good planning of what constitutes an achievement (and, therefore, a badge) that needs the thought.

Not all badges in the Drupal "ecosystem" can, or even should, be issued by Good achievement that contributes to Drupal happens outside in places like training companies and apprenticeship schemes.

If we are able to agree a set guidelines for what drupal badges shoul be awarded for then we can both issue badges on the d.o website for things measurable there but also act as a badge displayer and badge backpack for all drupal-related badges from the rest of the community.

Oh - and what I REALLY like is the idea of being able to order physical badges to stick on my laptop, but ONLY if I've already added the electronic badge to my d.o backpack...

get the right people in a room...

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If we could find out how to simply empower a small group of people to just get on with this, I don't think it's hard to do. Just get them in a room...


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If we could get political approval for this idea, we could delegate it's implementation to a team who could roll it out pretty quickly.

I'd be interested in feedback on some of the topics raised in this issue


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