Downtown Drupal Meetup + Droplabs Holiday Party + Food Drive for the LA Food Bank! December 16, 2013

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2013-12-16 19:00 - 21:00 America/Los_Angeles
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User group meeting

We're scheduling an extra special Downtown Drupal meetup this Monday, December 16, 2013, and you're invited! This time we're combining a brief Drupal meetup with presentations and raffle prizes with our annual holiday party and food drive.

As we did at our award-winning holiday parties in 2011 and 2012, we're organizing a food drive for the LA Food Bank. Our goal is to beat our combined proceeds from 2011 and 2012 and raise at least $1090! See for details.

This event is being hosted by Droplabs (@Droplabs), a Drupal-friendly coworking space, classroom and computer lab in Downtown Los Angeles.

We're the leading low-cost coworking space in the Greater Los Angeles Area and have programs, services and workspaces that are uniquely designed for entrepreneurs, freelancers and remote workers.

Drupal Meetup

Our meetup begins at 7pm and follows a basic format with Drupal news and announcements, local job announcements, raffle prizes and full-length presentations. As always, we'll also have community Q&A, during which time anyone in attendance can ask questions, divine answers from the crowd and give brief, 5-10 minute-long presentations known as lightning talks.

For any changes to our agenda for the evening, stay tuned to this meetup announcement or click the "Sign up" button at (or both!) to be notified when the agenda has been updated.

Holiday Party

Even if you can't make it to the meetup, you're welcome to join us at 8pm after all the raffle prizes, job announcements and presentations for our annual holiday party. We'll be mingling and networking for most of the evening, and the party is potluck-style so bring something to share that you like to eat or drink. Post a comment at to let others know what you're thinking of bringing.

Food Drive for the LA Food Bank

We're organizing another food drive for the LA Food Bank, a 501c3 non-profit which distributes food to over 640 charitable agencies including Midnight Mission and the Boys & Girls Club. Here are some good ideas of what to bring:

  • Cash (seriously, food banks can do a lot with a dollar!)
  • Checks written out to "Los Angeles Regional Food Bank"
  • Proteins, including peanut butter, canned tuna, canned chicken, etc.
  • Soups and stews
  • Pasta and rice
  • Cereal, including breakfast cereal and oatmeal
  • Canned vegetables, including tomatoes and tomato sauce
  • Canned or dried beans and peas
  • Canned fruits
  • Fruit juice, boxed or canned
  • Prepared box mixes, including macaroni and cheese and Hamburger Helper
  • Shelf-stable milk

If you're thinking of bringing perishables, baked goods and home-made dishes, bring those to the holiday party instead!

Does your employer match donations? Check to see at to find out — and let us know!

Drupal After Dark

After the meetup and holiday party, we'll be rearranging the room and pulling out our couches to set up for the last movie night of 2013. We'll have popcorn and drinks and screen the movie that gets the most votes. Current contenders are Office Space and Sneakers.

Location and Directions

This event is hosted by Droplabs (@Droplabs), a collaborative coworking space, classroom and makerspace in Downtown Los Angeles.

   651 Clover St.
   Los Angeles, CA 90031

Google Map
We're quickly gaining a reputation for being the only coworking space around with a with a low-cost business model: come work here and use our tables, chairs, WiFi and conference room with a low, daily or monthly membership fee and only pay more for the extras, such as 24/7 access, equipment rental and a locker for your belongings.

Droplabs is in the Mission Junction neighborhood of Los Angeles at Big Art Labs, just 1 mile down Main St. from Philippes (the first-ever venue for Drupal meetups in Southern California!) and Union Station. We're one block west of The Brewery, the largest live-and-work artists' colony in the world.

Free parking in our large parking lot is first-come, first-served. After parking in the lot, follow the yellow signs that point to Droplabs. (If our lot is full, you can park for free on Clover St.)

Droplabs is a brief walk from the Main St. / Lamar St. stop on the the Metro Local 76 bus line. This is also the Lincoln Heights / Chinatown DASH stop.

To carpool or catch the Droplabs shuttle from Union Station, post below in the comments.

What to Bring

Just bring your laptop, your business cards or whatever else you need. You're also welcome to bring some light food, sodas or beers to share with others at the meetup.

Please note that our guest wireless network is limited to 1Mb per client, so bring your MiFi router or a phone you can tether with if for some reason you need a lot of bandwidth. Access to our high-speed network is included with a Droplabs membership.

About Greater Los Angeles Drupal

With several weekly and monthly events, the Greater Los Angeles Area is one the most active areas for Drupal in the world.

Formerly named Downtown Los Angeles Drupal, we've been meeting regularly in and around Downtown Los Angeles, California, since early 2010, and now organize a large number of events in the area. Our signature events include the Drupal Job Fairs and the Downtown Drupal, Frontend Drupal and High Performance Drupal meetups.

Our members and organizers have produced hundreds of Drupal events, including job fairs, meetups and workshops, conferences, paid trainings, coworking days, study group sessions, movie outings, FREE tutoring sessions from Drupal professionals, and website barnraisings to benefit non-profits and members of our community.

Attending Drupal events in the Greater Los Angeles Area is one of the best ways to meet and talk with other Drupaleros and we encourage you to attend as many meetings and special events as you'd like. Whether it's to find solutions to problems you've been having, sharing something you've learned or just meeting interesting like-minded people, the Greater Los Angeles Drupal events are an essential resource for Drupal professionals and hobbyists alike.

If you aren't already a member of Greater Los Angeles Drupal, it's easy to join our community. Our community calendar is on our "Events" tab on our home page at  

We proudly participate in the California Drupal Travelers Program, which aims to connect businesses and community members who are visiting the area with our local community and events. Inquire within by contacting any of the Downtown Los Angeles Drupal organizers, or by joining the global Drupal Hospitality Network.

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This Sounds Great

Stew-bee's picture

Hope to see everybody there, I hear that there is going to be beer!

… and raffle prizes!

christefano's picture

We'll also be raffling off the rest of all the prizes we have. Droplabs is raffling several coworking memberships and Drupal magazines.

Module Development Training in January

nodiac's picture

Hot off the heels of the module development boot camp, Larks is doing a 3-day module development training - location TBD! We are happy to contribute a seat to the training (a $1500 value) as a raffle prize.

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Tony-Mac's picture

I heer that their was a bear.

Sorry can't make it. is meeting tonite. All welcome to join us.

Have fun!

Can you join us remotely?

christefano's picture

Tony, sorry to hear you can't make it. Feel free to open a webchat between the two events! I just posted the WebEx info.

Will there be a webex?

oseldman's picture

Will there be a webex for remote attendance? I was planning to be there in person, but the whole family is sick. I'd still like to join remotely if possible.

+1 for a webex

Francewhoa's picture

+1 for a webex, if I'm available I'm might drop by to say a quick hello

Enjoy the party :)

WebEx meeting ID and URL

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To join tonight's meeting via WebEx, use the following URL and / or meeting number:

   Short URL:
   Meeting number: 191 919 911

We start tonight at 7pm. To see if your WebEx software is installed and up to date, try the "test meeting" at  

WebEx meeting ID and URL

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To join tonight's meeting via WebEx, use the following URL and / or meeting number:

   Short URL:
   Meeting number: 191 919 911

We start tonight at 7pm. To see if your WebEx software is installed and up to date, try the "test meeting" at  

Thx Christefano, good to see

Francewhoa's picture

Thx Christefano, good to see you guys on the webcam :) Enjoy the Holiday party

Meeting notes

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Thanks to everyone who made it to last night's event! Here are a couple notes I took for everyone who wasn't able to make it, or did attend remotely via WebEx but didn't get the URLs.

Michael Fuller's nutmeg cheesecake and Joe Hoover's shredded beef both tied for first place, respectively, and blew everyone's minds.

We had a "2013 year in review" discussion and went through some of the highlights of 2013 and what we're looking forward to in 2014. The slides that I threw together before the meetup are now updated with everyone's feedback and I've posted them at  

The new Drupal.LA website is open for business. We now have a source of material for meetup presentations on topics including Features, deployment, RSS syndication, state of the art Drupal security, etc., without having to get client approval first!

Lee brought up PhpStorm, a new IDE from JetBrains, that seems to be taking the Drupal community by… storm? Based on quicksketch's recommendation at last week's SGV Drupal meetup (and movie outing), we browsed through its features at this Downtown Drupal meetup. We also reviewed Randy Fay's article on PhpStorm and Xdebug at  

Stew brought up password security and the discussion that followed included 1Password, LastPass and SuperGenPass, time-based attacks, saving our passwords "in the cloud" and the issue of deduplicating encrypted files, and had a demonstration of SuperGenPass, a password manager that has a different approach from the others by actually not saving passwords or anything else anywhere.

Afterward, we pulled out the couches, dimmed the lights and hunkered down for movie night. I believe people were still at Droplabs and back to working on their projects well past 2am in the morning.

Has anyone had any

christefano's picture

Has anyone had any experiences with JetBrains? Understandably it's the holiday season and all, but I haven't heard back from them yet about our application regarding PhpStorm.

If the NSA really wanted our

nodiac's picture

Another thing we talked about was the NSA backup program where we could use FOIA enquiries to retrieve our backups.

If the NSA really wanted our info, they'd have a service that would be so deliciously attractive we'd buy into it and willingly give them our data...

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ONN ran a report about this a

christefano's picture

ONN ran a report about this a couple years ago:

   CIA's 'Facebook' Program Dramatically Cut Agency's Costs


+2 at least. Another way they

fejn's picture

+2 at least.
Another way they could add value with a program like this:
a) Enable reporting on content people don't even know they have... All those Al-Quaeda -related links they find in my stuff are probably cheats for WOW and other games that I haven't been able to find for weeks & desperately need if I am going to get up 20 more levels before 2014....

This idea is so obviously

fejn's picture

This idea is so obviously crazy I don't see why they haven't implemented it already..

Somehow I miscalculated the

christefano's picture

Somehow I miscalculated the number of events we've had this year. I didn't include all the boot camp sessions!

The corrected total is 88 events.

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