December 2013 SGV Drupal Meetup: Workbench

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2013-12-19 18:00 - 20:00 America/Los_Angeles

We have a great meetup this month in the San Gabriel Valley. Join us from 6-8pm at Fuller Theological Seminary, Glasser 110 on Thursday, December 19, 2013, for Drupal news and announcements, local job announcements, raffle prizes, community Q&A, lightning talks and full-length presentations.

Presentations at this event include Workbench and a novel implementation of Workbench moderation; and Continuing discussion on GLADCamp, the Greater Los Angeles Drupal Camp.

Are you new to Drupal or the SGV Drupal meetup? Here's a testimonial from a happy attendee:

This is a very well organized and informative session. We got a good mix of senior developers and new comers and some in between. It is a pretty good turn out with 11 people considering it is in Pasadena right around rush hours. People are just terrific, very friendly and ready to help others. Feels like I have moved forward by leaps and bounds. Thanks everyone!

Thank You to Our Sponsors!

Sponsors help make our events happen. To learn more about sponsorship of our group and our upcoming events, please contact Christefano on or

Exaltation of Larks - Expert Drupal strategy, consulting, development and training Our raffle prize sponsor for this event is Exaltation of Larks, a Drupal design and engineering firm with a team of Drupal experts in Los Angeles. Visit us at and follow us at @LarksLA to learn more about our Drupal services and upcoming trainings.

Droplabs Los Angeles Our organizing sponsor is Droplabs (@Droplabs), a Drupal-friendly coworking space, classroom and makerspace in Downtown Los Angeles. We're the leading low-cost coworking space in the Greater Los Angeles Area and have workspaces and services that are uniquely designed for small businesses, entrepreneurs, freelancers and remote workers.

Presentations & Lightning Talks

Do you have a presentation or job announcement that you'd like to share with the group? Is there a topic about anything you'd like to see a presentation on? Post a comment below to let all the organizers and attendees know what you're interested in. Lightning Talks — brief, 5-minute long presentations on any topic related to Drupal — are very welcome.

Workbench provides overall improvements for managing content that Drupal does not provide out of the box. Workbench consists of several modules. We will look at the main module and Moderation. We will show how moderation can be use in a novel way.

Announcing GLADCamp, the Greater Los Angeles Drupal Camp

GLADCamp, the Greater Los Angeles Drupal Camp, is a free, 3-day event coming up on March 7th, 8th & 9th, and is at Hilton Pasadena & Convention Center in Pasadena, California.

After many months of planning we're excited to announce and discuss what we're planning, including sessions, BoFs, trainings, industry-specific summits, a job fair, a barn raising to benefit a local non-profit, receptions, and more!

Users Helping Users

The meetup this month will include Users Helping Users, which is a chance for members of the community to help and be helped by others with whatever questions and problems they're having with Drupal.

Please note that while Users Helping Users is not designed to be a replacement for bona fide consulting from Drupal professionals that there are plenty of Drupal experts and professionals who attend our meetups and sometimes they need help, too!


Our meetups follow a basic format and start off with Drupal news and announcements, local job announcements, raffle prizes and full-length presentations. As always, we'll have community Q&A, during which time anyone in attendance can ask questions, divine answers from the crowd and give brief, 5-10 minute-long presentations known as lightning talks.

   We will begin at 6:00

   Introductions & Job Announcements
   News & Upcoming Events, including:
     • Drupal.LA Project Proposal;
     • Greater Los Angeles Drupal Camp (March 7-9, 2014);
     • Interesting events listed at
   Users Helping Users
   Community Questions & Answers

   Raffle Prizes!
   Lightning Talks & Featured Presentations
     Workbench and a novel application of Workbench moderation by Paul Coleman
     More details about GLADCamp by Christefano Reyes

   Wrap-up, Clean-up & Close-up
   Drupal After Dark

What to Bring

Just bring your laptop, your business cards or whatever else you need. Extra points go to anyone who can bring power cords and extension strips.

Do you have a job announcement? Post your job announcement first and be sure to bring plenty of business cards and printouts of your job description to the meetup.

Are you looking for work? Update your profiles on and LinkedIn prior to the meetup and bring plenty of business cards and copies of your resume.

If you'd like us to print out copies of your job description or resume and have them ready at our "take a card, leave a card" table, please contact Christefano on or

Drupal After Dark

After the meetup ends at 8pm, we'll finish off the night with more networking and a Drupal After Dark at a nearby restaurant or pub. Even if you can't make it to the meetup, going to the Drupal After Dark is a great way to meet your fellow Drupal community friends and colleagues. Join us!

Raffle prizes! Collect them all! Must be present to win!

Raffle prizes at this meetup have been provided by Droplabs and Exaltation of Larks. Our raffle prizes often include discount codes, magazines, DVDs, books and tickets to attend professional, paid Drupal trainings. Some raffle prizes may be available to remote attendees (at the discretion of the meetup organizers and raffle prize sponsors).

We are always grateful to our sponsors for their continued support. If you have any items you'd like to donate to the raffle, please contact any of the organizers at the meetup. Thank you!

Location and Directions

Fuller Theological Seminary, Glasser 110. The campus is located between Walnut and Oakland, between Los Robles and Madison.

Fuller Theological Seminary
135 North Oakland Avenue
Pasadena, CA

Glasser is building G in the drawing. There is street parking on Madison or Green. There is a time limit but they expire at 6:00 so should not have a problem for the meetup.


Attendees are encouraged to save both time and fuel by carpooling to this event. The best way to find out how and who to carpool with is to post an offer or request with your location and contact information in the comments below.

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This is one of the last

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This is one of the last meetups of 2013 and I wouldn't miss it!

I'd be happy to give a "GLAD 2013 year in review" presentation. The slides are attached at

Exaltation of Larks
Founder, CEO  
Founder, Lead Burrito Analyst  
Greater Los Angeles Drupal
Organizer, Drupal Adventure Guide  

Time Fly's

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Tomorrow night is the meetup already. See you all there!!

If anyone wants to carpool to

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If anyone wants to carpool from Droplabs to tonight's SGV Drupal meetup, I'll be happy to offer a ride. I plan to be at Droplabs at 5pm.

We might not leave exactly at 5pm, but please be ready.

I received a message from someone asking if this meetup was still happening. You bet it is! See you all tonight.

Exaltation of Larks
Founder, CEO  
Founder, Lead Burrito Analyst  
Greater Los Angeles Drupal
Organizer, Drupal Adventure Guide  


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We went a little over time last night.

We started by joining the Denver meetup via GoToMeeting.

We will continue with the third Thursday for January, because of SAND camp, we may keep the third thursday permanently. We will meet at Fuller again on January 16.

The presentations started with my presentation on Workbench, it was recorded and will be on the webex.

Christo presented the GLAD in 2013, a recap he presented at the holiday party Monday night. The a quick redo of Features, a short presentation like the one he did at the Downtown meetup this month.

Got out of there about a quarter to 9 but happy and filled with new information.

Unfortunately the Webex gods were not with us for Christo's presentation, we did not get it recorded.

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