how to hide or remove The "who is new"

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i dont find any possibiltiy to hide or remove the "who is new" it always appears also if the block is not activated in the theme - i think i looked for all possibilities but i can not hide it - thanks for any help


Use configure layout option

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Use configure layout option located on this block

this dont work

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thanks - but i see this configure layout Option - but when i clicked on it - nothing happened - i was thinking there will appear something with some Options - but there is nothing.. ???

now it worked - thanks

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hallo oemb29, good News for me and a real and one more thank you to you - after some more trying, i get it to work, like you mentioned - and i did realize that it have been the used theme, why it did not work before - after changing the theme it worked well like it should..... thanks


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