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2014-01-09 18:00 - 20:00 America/Denver
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User group meeting

There is a conversation that has been building in the Drupal community ... it's a slow awakening to the realization that Drupal will not survive without embracing a DevOps culture. You've either heard the whispering, or you have known this for a long time ... come join the conversation.

In this meetup Brandon Williams will be discussing potential management issues with Drupal's default cron system and integration. He will illustrate how these problems can be targeted and solved with Drush.

As with all things related to DevOps you must first have the solution in order to automate and perfect it. Armed with the drush solution Brandon will then walk you through Jenkins and how it can pull the pieces together, alert you when issues do happen, and generally help you not have to worry.

Food and drinks will be provided beginning at 6:00 with the presentation/discussion starting at 7:00.

The previous meetup can be viewed at ... If you would like to participate in the conversation remotely you can register at (use anonymous emails if necessary .. I don't know how to make citrix allow anonymous registrations)


The good news is that the

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The good news is that the meetup was informative and fun. We we had a good conversation and had the opportunity to hear different perspectives.

The not so good news is I am not good at using citrix web broadcasting software and managed to not record the event. The follow-up good news is that we are switching to a different solution for the next one that is easier to use and gives us cross platform support.

Nice to meet everyone

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Thanks very much to New Media for hosting the event and starting the conversation. Looking forward to learning more about Drupal and DevOps best practices. Cheers, Evan

Denver / Boulder Colorado (DBUG)

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