New Marketing Committee Chair Needed

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After more than two years of effectively leading the Branding and Marketing committee, Ben Finklea is ready to transition to a contributor role on the committee. Let’s hear it for Ben!

This means the committee needs to identify a new chair to help advance the committee charter:

The committee has set up this simple form where people can self-nominate to be chair:

Anyone can self-nominate and the form will be open until January 13th. If you’re interested, please nominate yourself!

The time commitment for the chair varies depending on what the committee is working on at any given time but some of the duties and responsibilities include:

-Setting the agenda for each monthly committee meeting and communicating with the committee about meeting schedules and agendas
-Leading the committee through meetings
-Distributing action items that come from the meetings
-Liaising with the board as needed

The board will approve the new chair and the committee members as a slate at the January 15th board meeting. The committee is currently full, but as the description of the “Marketing of Drupal” Group states, anyone who is interested in helping to market Drupal is encouraged to participate in the Group.

Thank you!

Joe Saylor
Drupal Association Membership and Marcomm Manager


Thanks Ben!

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It's great when folks step up to take on these responsibilities in the community. Hopefully there's been a lot of interest in the positions and a lot of nominees to screen.