Which Mac IRC Clients Do the PMs Prefer?

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I am new the PM game for Drupal (though not to PMing). I joined a boutique Drupal shop and my new employee provided me with a Mac. This is a new experience for me (never used a Mac at work before) and I was hoping folks could share what their preferred IRC client for Mac is.

Thanks for the suggestions!



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Full disclosure, I was happy enough with the features/experience that I haven't tried out any alternatives at this time. I'd be very curious to hear about the one you ultimately settle upon.


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Hi Rick,

Thanks for the heads up. Downloaded it. Now I just need to dust off the IRC chat knowledge from before I was old enough to drive a car :-)

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Just added Colloquy to my

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Just added Colloquy to my MBP's arsenal as well and it seems to rock so far. Thanks guys!