a couple of problems I've noted

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Here are a few things I've noticed in my initial experience with the site. I'm sure i'm not the first to notice some of them. I'm happy to help to fix these items if you'd like me to try investigating them. Moshe, I know you mentioned that you want to track these kinds of things in case tracker - is that installed somewhere? Whenever it is, I'm happy to enter the remaining items in it.

1. the "r" tab in user/edit - I imagine this is from a profile field that was removed?
2. When viewing user pages "user warning: Table 'drupal_groups.node_field_userreference_data' doesn't exist query: SELECT n.* FROM node_field_userreference_data user_ref INNER JOIN node n ON n.vid = user_ref.vid WHERE user_ref.field_uid = 35 ORDER BY n.type, delta in /var/www/groups.drupal.org/htdocs/includes/database.mysql.inc on line 120."
3. Referenced by "u u"
4. Line breaks didn't work for me in the group home page so I had to use br's
5. Site name of "drupal" should probably be "Groups.Drupal" or "Drupal Groups" The Home Page has Moshe's email in the page title - is that on purpose?
6. email has a blank sender - I'm not sure who it should be, but blank is likely to get rejected on some hosts, right?
This is now moshe's address, which is fine by me but could draw in extra email/work for you, Moshe.
7. When a non-authenticated user or an authenticated user not in a group visits a group page they "No posts in this group" when not logged in but "You must register/login/join this group to see posts" would be more appropriate. Also, can we make content in a group open to non-members? I think I would generally browse a group's content before figuring out if I want to join it (even if joining it is low-cost and easy to reverse).note: existing content should be re-saved to become public (as needed)
8. is cron.php getting called?
9. "Recent Subscribers" block is sorted alphabetically not by join date - join date seems better to see recent joiners. Otherwise people will start going for aaaaaaauser123 kinds of usernames.

Documentation points:

Regular Users:
1. You must use a separate groups.drupal login until we implement some sort of distributed authentication
2. Explanation of posts <-> email functions.
3. Explanation of how to create (or request) a new group aside from "pester Boris/moshe on IRC" ;)

Group Managers:
1. Do not check "registration form" in your group setup unless you really really know what you are doing.
2. Please use "???" for the "Subscription requests" setting in your group (is there a suggestion here?)


Some Comments On Problems . . .

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I agree with point number 7. If the group's content is not made open to anonymous users, can we at least change it to give a good general overview of what the group is, is about and/or what it's purpose(s) is(are) on the individual group's home page? (Did that make any sense?)

(Hmm, I didn't need to use brs here.)

In your "Documentation points", is that documentation you think should be added or changed? IOW, is it in reference to existing documentation somewhere that you should probably post a link to? :^)

Content visibility

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So, there are only a couple of knobs to tweak with organic groups currently. Here's a screenshot of the current settings:

Drupal: Organic Groups settings page

Theoretically, all content should be visible for public/open groups. We've flipped the bits on that a couple of times, so there may be some groups that have content that doesn't conform to this.

However, some of the groups are moderated and/or private (like this maintenance one). So, you see no posts. Ideally, it should have a message stating that it is moderated/private and a link to request access.

a few updates

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thanks greggles. i completed a couple more items on your list.

7, boris is right that I just recently (today) turned back on the ability for posts to be public. I hadn't thought this through properly before.


1 distibuted auth has been enabled for a few days

3, i will open group creation up to the world when the site is read (soon). until then, the current system works for me

1: there is an open og issue for this which I plan to close this week. So I will skip documentation and just improve the software instead. Only node admins will be able to add a group the registration form. I don't know yet which groups will merit this honor.
2: whatever the group mgr wants is fine with me.

thanks moshe - on re-editing

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thanks moshe - on re-editing items in number 7 I just tried to edit a poll that I had created and it lost all of the options. Is that a bug or a feature ;) ?


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the poll lost its choices or some og fields got messed up. neither is by design.

I apologize for not being

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I apologize for not being more specific - I can repeat this pretty well:

  1. visit http://groups.drupal.org/node/21
  2. "edit" the poll
  3. all of the choices are blanked out in the edit screen

I haven't tried saving it yet for fear of losing the data, so I'm not sure what actually happens next.

What happens is

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You get an error saying the fields are empty and you need to put something in them. Just FYI. :^)


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Under "Documentation points:", "Regular Users:", did you mean to strikeout item #3, instead of item #2?

Created editors, FAQ, To Do

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I turned on book pages for documentation, and created an editor role. Greggles, I added you as an editor.

Please add child pages to the FAQ (needed: what is this site, how do I create a group, what can I do here, etc.).

There is also a To Do book. We could do either individual child pages per to do, or have group to dos (e.g. a mapping/gmap page) with sub tasks directly on the book page. All editors can edit the book pages.

thanks Boris

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thanks Boris,

the faq and todo that you linked to are not visible for me. I get the same content on those links as I do on the ?q=node page. I'm also not allowed to create new book pages (maybe that's on purpose).

Moshe/Boris - any feeling on the to do book vs. case tracker module? I'm using case tracker on a site and it works pretty well.

Try These Instead . . .

To Dos Copied . . .

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Rather than wait for the case tracker module (or any other such improvement), I have added to Boris' To Do book. Greg, I added your items 4 and 9 to the Bugs page. Also, I've added item 8 to the Enhancements page. I was going to add the documentation items, but I'm not sure there are any left. The only one I think is left is item 2 under Regular Users. Feel free to add, change or remove as you see fit.