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It seems that there is a number of initiatives to extend the Drupal Montréal community across the internet that some of us, me being the first, are not aware of. In order to correct this, a wiki page to collect links to these places has been created. It is a wiki page, so you are welcome to edit it. Be bold! Or you can also participate in this discussion to provide information for others to include to that page.

Il semblerait qu'il y ai un nombre d'initiatives visant à étendre la communauté Drupal Montréal ailleurs sur Internet dont certains d'entre nous, moi le premier, ne sont pas au courant. Afin de corriger cette situation, une page wiki pour collecter les liens vers ces initiatives a été ouverte. C'est une page Wiki, vous êtes invités à l'éditer, N'hésitez pas ! Vous pouvez également parcipez à cette discussion pour fournir des informations que d'autres pourrons intégrer à la page.


Add "who can publish what and how to contribute"...

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... or something like that.

One of the key aspects to consider when looking at any of these is the degree to which they allow for contributions by community members and, if so, how to go about gaining these privileges.

This site, for example, allows anybody to post events/jobs/discussions and has many "group organizers", and each of which can add others. As far as I know, many of the other places listed on the wiki page are controlled exclusively by individuals and companies. That doesn't make them Bad Things, but is important context to includ in a listing of community resources.

Hence the contact(s) column.

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Hence the contact(s) column. But it may not be enough. An introduction text informing people when to use these contacts is probably needed.

AFAIK, 3 of the places listed at the moment allow anyone to post (the two Meetup groups and the Facebook group). But yes, all the others are broadcasting channels controlled by a few individuals (or companies).


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Maybe we should contact the administrators of these closed groups and see if they can relax their posting policies and allow anyone to post. AFAIK, nobody as contacted TP1 to ask that the Drupal Montreal Facebook Page (not group) be opened. This is a request that should come from someone in the Association.

Indeed, somebody willing to post there should ask.

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Indeed, somebody willing to post there should ask. But I fail to see why the association who, AFAIK, has never asserted any control on a given channel should have a role to play in this. Some of the channels in the list are controlled by board members of the association, but they do it as individuals, not as the association itself.

If there is shared feeling amongst the community that the association should do the asking, I'm willing to bring it to the next board meeting and take any actions should the association decide to pursue. But I personally will not be able to post or manage anything on Facebook since I don't have and don't want to have a Facebook account. In order to ask, we will need to known who is willing to post there.

We've asked

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The last time they offered to allow people to join and help manage it but they wish to retain the ownership of the page.

Well it is an association, it

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Well it is an association, it is the group of us, it seeks to represent us (that's part of the definition of an association, people associating to have their interests promoted), it has more legitimacy in representing our interests than a random individual alone.

As for posting: I don't mind; I do the social media all the time for our brands so I can just post there too.