BADAss Drupal 8 Commit Challenge

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BADAss Drupalistas,

In case any of you hadn't heard, there's a new kid on the block and the name's Drupal 8!

Recently a site started up listing all the people who'd had mentions in Drupal 8 commits:

I've got 4 so far - been helping out when and where I can with things like cleaning up unused variables, splitting up the code for the password strength indicator and password match, etc. - nothing whatsoever that could be called major but it feels good and I want to get more so I was thinking we could have a BADAss Drupal 8 Commit League - see how many commits for Drupal 8 we can produce from everyone in this club (and those who may do Drupal around Brighton but aren't here yet!).

As I imagine many of you are, I'm both excited and a little nervous about the new version - a lot has changed, but luckily in my particular case it's not too bad because before Drupal I was doing J2EE which a lot of the new CMI (Configuration Management Initiative) best practice comes from, plus the OO approach is something I'm used to, so I'm super-excited because Drupal 8 actually makes Drupal easier for me. Helping Drupal 8 launch faster is a super-fab way of learning Drupal 8, and there are so many thing to help out with whatever your level of knowledge, from documenting new functionality to testing out patches, it's all there waiting to be done - and if we don't do it, who will?! Eh? Eh? ;)

I'm planning on doing a few sprint weekends at the new coworking space I've recently opened ( - do come along to the launch on 4/4!) - I would love to turn them into free, educational times for those who want to learn Drupal to dive in and help contribute from day one.

So how many mentions can we get into Drupal 8 from our BADAss Btown? Anyone up for the challenge?

All ideas/suggestions/etc. welcome!



Very cool!

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Great stuff Steve!

It is amazing to see the number of individuals and companies that have contributed all together in one table. Good luck with the BADAss Drupal 8 commit league and please keep the group here posted on the sprint weekends so we can help promote them.


Joe Saylor
Membership and Marcomm Manager
Drupal Association