What would you like our next boot camp to focus on?

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Basic Module Development
7% (1 vote)
Advanced Module Development
13% (2 votes)
Theme Development
20% (3 votes)
Both Module and Theme Development
53% (8 votes)
Other (please post a comment below)
7% (1 vote)
Total votes: 15


It's something I do every

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It's something I do every day, but realize there is a lot I'm only partially aware of.

Boot Camp curriculum

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This falls under theme development but I want cast a vote to focus on menus specifically if possible. Drupal has a powerful underlying menu system but I think it may be one of the more misunderstood and underutilized features, particularly by beginners who tend to relay on finding a theme that has a decent menu built in or using add-on modules.

Good idea! There's a lot of

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Good idea! There's a lot of stuff out therethat probably isn't used because people don't know about it. Even going over how the menu system works/is used by Drupal (done in the previous bootcamp) helped a lot.

A Bootcamp for New Drupal Developers

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It would be great to grow the Drupal community by having a beginning general class. Something that would teach git workflows, team projects, working with an issue queue - something that once completed would help people get work as Drupal developers.

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Module and Themes

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I like the idea of developing skills to move from advanced site builder to intermediate themer and module developer...but the others sound good as well.