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SANDcamp 2016 is coming February 24-27, 2016!

We bring the power of Drupal software to the yearning public of San Diego, CA. We have a meeting each month where we discuss everything Drupal, at all levels from beginner to Drupal ninja. Join the group online and subscribe to our notifications. Hope to see you at the monthly meeting.

Monthly Meetings: Downtown at Sage Tree Solutions' offices, 330 A Street. Held on the first Wednesday of each month at 7 pm. Decent parking for downtown in the lot adjacent to the building. Stay in touch, join the SDDUG group for easier meeting reminders

Where should we meet?

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Our DUG is looking for a new home, we've got a couple great options to decide from. Both places offer different positives and negatives, and very different feels as far as the location goes. We're going to try MJD in PB for our next meetup so we can get a feel for both places, then we'll ask for everyone's opinion.

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Meeting ideas, topics and contributions

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To better serve the needs of the San Diego Drupal user community we'd like to collect fresh ideas regarding user group meeting format, content and what you would be able and willing to contribute. Please comment below with your input.

  • What topics would you like that we cover in future meetings?
  • Would another meeting format serve you better? If so, what exactly?
  • Most importantly, what topics would you be able and willing to present a session about?
  • On a broader level, what does the Drupal User Group mean to you, and how well does it serve you presently?

Remember, this is a group by and for its members. Without you it is a lesser entity. Conversely, with your input and contribution everyone benefits and grows.

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Reasons To Attend SANDcamp

There are many reasons to attend SANDcamp 2016 this year. The following are specific reasons to consider putting SANDcamp on your calendar this year:

Two Full Days of Training

  • CHAPTER THREE: Object-Oriented PHP
  • COMMERCE GUYS: Introduction to Drupal Commerce
  • KALABOX: Using Kalabox - Never Hear "It Works on My Local" Again
  • OUTER SPACE CODERS: Learn Drupal Commerce Intermediate to Advanced
  • SAGE TREE: Drupal 7 Introduction to Theming and Module Development Hands-On
  • ATEN: Start Your Website Off Right with a UX & Design Discovery Workshop
  • BACKDROP: Intro to Backdrop CMS
  • CHAPTER THREE: Drupal 8 theming for Drupal 7 themers
  • JESUS OLIVAS: Drupal 8 Module Development
  • LINGOTEK: Translate Your Web Site in One Day
  • PANTHEON: Drupal Development Best Practices & Building Sites on Pantheon

Drupal 8 Sessions are Here!
Drupal version 8.0.2 was released January 6th. SANDcamp is the perfect opportunity to attend sessions and learn everything that you need to know regarding Drupal 8. SANDcamp is timed perfectly for all newcomers to become acclimated with everything Drupal 8 offers!

Drupal Networking
You can expect more than 250 attendees at SANDcamp. If you want to meet other individuals, hire someone, or just mix with the best Drupalers in southern California, SANDcamp is your destination!

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