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Hi Event Organizers,

The Drupal Association works with a lot of sponsors and partners - many of whom like to sponsor camps. It takes them a lot of time to research and reach out to all the camps that they want to sponsor, so we are making it easier for them.

We are asking sponsors and partners to fill out a form so they can tell us:
- What kind of camp they want to sponsor
- If they have a special offer for camps (free Internet, free developer tools, etc)

Then, we will post the information here. If you feel that a company’s camp sponsor criteria matches your event, then you can reach out to them with a sponsor package.

One company has filled out this form - JetBrains. Please have a look! Before we go too far and get more companies, we want to hear from you. Is this the best way to connect event organizers with camp leaders?

So, take a look! Tell us your thoughts...and feel free to reach out to JetBrains if their camp sponsor needs matches your event.



Megan Sanicki
Associate Director
Drupal Association
+1 609.454.0912


Thanks, Megan. I've updated

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Thanks, Megan. I've updated the document with two sponsorship offers from Droplabs, a pro-Drupal coworking space and computer lab in Los Angeles, California.

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