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What is the association vision on the new political situation in regards to Drupal cons

A lot of people are worried how a Drupalcon organised in the USA can be considered "open" when a lot of people are not even allowed to enter the country

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2017 Drupal Association Board Nominations

The 2017 Drupal Association Board election begins this 1 February. We will be electing one of the two at-large board members this year. There were 22 candidates last year and we're looking forward to what this year brings.


Read Megan's post to learn how the process works, what is expected of a board member, who is eligible to run and who can vote.

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Get ready for 2016 Association Board Nominations

Last year we had one of our most diverse set of candidates for the Drupal Association board ever. We hope to see more of the same in 2016, so we're reaching out now to remind you - we're about to open nominations! For more information on what it means to serve on the board and how the elections process works, check out the 2016 elections home page.

How to Nominate Yourself

To nominate yourself, you should be prepared to answer a few questions:

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Defining Our Roles in the Drupal Community

We need a better way to work together

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Volunteer or Contractor? Help the Association Answer This Question


The single biggest reason that the Drupal Association is such a great place to work is the Drupal community. You all dedicated your blood, sweat, and tears to make Drupal amazing, and that includes work on, our community’s home. As the organization charged with maintaining, we’ve relied on a pastiche of volunteer support, contractors (at various rate scales), and staff. One of the side effects is that there is a lot of confusion - what role should staff play? When do we hire contractors? When is it ok to ask someone to volunteer their time vs. pay them for it?

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Drupal Association At-Large Board Elections Open

Voting is now open for the 2013 At-Large Board positions for the Drupal Association!  If you haven't yet, check out the candidate profiles and review the Meet the Candidate sessions (first and second) that we held. Get to know your candidates, and then get ready vote.

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Meet the Candidates Update: Session One Transcript

We had our first Meet the Candidates session yesterday and spoke with four of our thirteen candidates. Normally, I would link to the audio recording of that call, but due to user error <hangs head in shame> the audio is gone. However, thanks to the amazing kattekrab, we do have a pretty remarkable transcript from the session. Following is an introduction to the four candidates and our question and answer session with them.

Remember! We have one more Meet the Candidate Session:

Session Two

Thursday, September 12 2013 at 16:00 UTC

  • 9 AM PST Thursday, September 12 in the US and Canada
  • 12 noon EST Thursday, September 12 in the US and Canada
  • 1 PM Thursday, September 12 in Sao Paulo Brasil
  • 5 PM Thursday, September 12 in London
  • 00:00 Friday, September 13 in Beijing
  • 2 AM Friday, September 13 in Sydney Australia

Register for Session 2

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Drupal Association At-Large Board Self-Nominations Open

Now's the time! As we announced on August 16, we're looking to fill the two At-Large Director positions that are opening. The At-large Director position is specifically designed to ensure community representation on the Drupal Association board and we strongly encourage anyone with an interest to take part in the process.

The Board of Directors of the Drupal Association are responsible for financial oversight and setting the strategic direction of the Drupal Association. New board members will contribute to the strategic direction of the Drupal Association. Board members are advised of, but not responsible for matters related to the day to day operations of the Drupal Association, including program execution, staffing, etc.

Directors are expected to contribute around five hours per month and attend three in-person meetings per year (financial assistance is available if required). You can learn more about what’s expected of board members by reviewing the board member agreement.

Today we are opening the self-nomination form that will allow you to throw your hat in the ring. 

Nominate Yourself for the Drupal Association Board

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Community Board Elections Coming Up!

The Drupal project and community are in the middle of an exciting time. The imminent release of Drupal 8 represents a tremendous opportunity for us to grow our community of developers and users and the Drupal Association is poised to help fuel that momentum. Now’s the time to join us on the journey and nominate yourself for a one-year term as an At-large Director on the Drupal Association Board of Directors.

The At-large Director position is specifically designed to ensure community representation on the Drupal Association board. If you are interested in helping shape the future of the Drupal Association, we encourage you to read this post and be prepared to nominate yourself between September 1 and September 6, 2013. We will be filling two at-large positions during this election.

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Community Election Results. Announced and ratified! But now what?

I just hit save on a blogpost on ado to officially announce the result of the recently concluded community election.

Congratulations to @mortendk and @pcambra - I'm very much looking forward to working with you both over the coming months.

The announcement post:

But I'd also like to open a new discussion with the community, and recruit some volunteers to sit on the election committee.

We should review our electoral process and our tools.

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