Call for Lightning Talks "How to Contribute to Drupal" at May Central Denver Meetup

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Hi All,

Based on suggestion from last night's meeting, the Central Denver Meetup for May will be feature a presentation by Greg Knadisson on testing with Behat. The night will also include lightning presentations on Ways to Contribute to Drupal.

The lightning talks will last 5 minutes and can cover anything under the topic of ways to contribute to Drupal. Ideas include, but are not limited to:

  • submitting a patch
  • using the issue queues effectively
  • writing good documentation
  • pressing needs of the Drupal Community
  • submitting your first project

This is a great opportunity for those who have never presented, since you only need to speak for five minutes. :)

Contact me if you're interested in presenting. If you have further questions or request for a specific topic, leave a comment.


I've been thinking on the

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I've been thinking on the first one, submitting a patch, and how anyone can do it to create the "configure = " line of a .info file.

If anyone wants to run with that idea I'll gladly help find popular modules that don't have a "configure =" line and that do have a hook_menu. The benefit is I think we could get like 20 patches filed to fix those in 2 of these lightning talks (make a patch, use the issue queue).

That's a great idea. I'll

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That's a great idea. I'll make sure a presenter for that happens and you can supply the list. Thanks Greg!