Bilingual English/Spanish Volunteers for Drupal online training project (2014) Course coming soon!

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We are preparing an English version of Forcontu's Drupal training program and we are looking for bilingual English/Spanish people interested in translating (from Spanish to English) part of the materials. We are almost finished (the 90% of the units are already translated) but we need few more people, so this is the last chance for participating! In exchange you'll receive free online training (7 months & 420 certificated hours, valued at USD$ 1500) to become an Expert in Drupal 7. You can also give this training opportunity to another person of your choice (maybe a friend, employee or client).

If you are interested or know somebody that could be, please fill in or share the form to contact us. More information at this URL:


Work Should Be Compensated

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You are essentially asking people to do professional translation work for free, in exchange for a product of dubious value.

We would not expect IT professionals to do the same.

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Wouldn't the "Curriculum and Training" group be a better fit? I don't really know what Forcontu's volunteer model is for getting these translations done but I moved similar posts from Forcontu at and to that group.

If there are any other training companies with Spanish-language curriculum who are interested in partnering, please get in touch with us. We have trainers in both Los Angeles and Miami and would love to talk with you about collaborating on your curriculum.